Details of the reign of the heavens

Some have been asking for proof of the reign of the heavens and where it is written: The Citizens of the reign of the heavens are glad to provide that proof for anyone that thinks this is a joke or a scam: This is a link to the book that was translated from Paleo Hebrew and where the Paleo Hebrew was not available, translated from the Greek. There are no false claims here nor did any of the Citizens of the reign of the heavens also known as Reign Nationals try to deceive anyone. Link: The Scriptures

The current Citizens of the reign of the heavens were not even looking for the reign of the heavens when re-discovered. So here are some other pages that will help people realize that the Old and New Testament is about Nation Building, not about religion.

If there are anymore questions, please do not hesitate to ask because the Citizens of the reign of the heavens know exactly what the reign of the heavens means, what kind of impact the discovery has on the minds and hearts of people, the churches, other Governments, Monarchs, Republics and basically everything on earth. We also know that some people will implode with denial, anger, and basically every kind of emotion ever experienced and that is the reason we are going SLOOOOOWLY. It is a lot to take in all at once and will change the mind set of many because the reign of the heavens will also affect other countries as far as their title claims to their territory is concerned. It is a lot to take in at once. Please be patient with your self.  I have the bottom links to PDF format with the sections highlighted in yellow but you have to open the docs with adobe reader which will show the yellow high light.

On another subject, some have been asking if they are obligated to something if they register as a member to the reign of the heavens society and the answer is no, you can leave the society at anytime. Later as the society grows we may have to start accepting dues to cover expenses but other than that, this society is brand new and people can come and go as they please even if dues are collected. Any budget issues will have full disclosure written all over it. NO issues there. If the coubitt system starts being used than dues will not be necessary at all.  We hope this answers some questions and settle any concerns.


The Scriptures

The Scriptures1

The Scriptures2