QUOTE:James McBride, took what he learned before and during his stay with Keith Livingway (GPO) is doing a fine job developing Divine Providence !!! I would like to watch this develop. Very promising. END QUOTE source: http://occupy-our-courts.org/wp/?cat=33

The general post office for The United States of America websites have been constantly harassed by the followers of the James McBride cult called “Divine Province”. Keith Livingway has never met James McBride nor has he ever talked to James McBride. Keith Livingway never spent any time with James McBride. No office holder within The United States of America is recorded as giving any type of endorsement, recognition nor any other response or communication with the cult nor its leader.

Here are some facts that have been discovered about James McBride and his cult.

1: The “Divine Province cult” is claiming to speak for the Pope of the Catholic Church without any proof of power of attorney from the Vatican signed and sealed by the Pope.

2: James McBride is a self appointed so-called “Post Master General of NA”, there is no constitution for “NA” which means the country does not exist.

3: James McBride is using the coat of arms of a dead Pope, of another country, without any proof of authority to act in that capacity, which is a violation of International law and the law of nations.

4: The cult claims to be for peace, however is very aggressive towards others and a radical group that should be looked upon as a very dangerous group of people. They harass, assume power of attorney, and claim some divine right that does not exist. When told to go away, they do not listen and continue to stalk and harass their target.

5: The cult has no validity and are a total fraud, that is the reason the cult is trying to monopolize on the general post office with assumed Military Authority. The cult is trying to capture a commercial endorsement through commercial warfare against the general post office.

6: James McBride is a convicted felon for trafficking cocaine. James McBride steals valid information and manipulates it into an abomination intended to cause harm to his victims. James McBride’s fraud targets good people that believe in freedom. The fraud ranges from $9.95 to $150.00 to receive his bogus information.

7: James McBride claims to have secret accounts promising big money for people. He also promises that their mortgage will be paid when people transfer their title to James McBride. ALL homes were foreclosed upon or being foreclosed upon.

8: When the Government of The United States of America caught Ken Cousens stealing over a million dollars from the beneficiaries of his group, he was deported along with his imported goods. It is no wonder that Ken Cousens and James McBride are working together. Both men are con artists and refuse to repent.

James McBride and Ken Cousens have the gift of deception. Neither have had an original thought of their own. Both men constantly run scams on people all over the country using other peoples hard work and ideas to mask their deceptions. They both learned well from Tim Turner. Please check both of these men out and you will come to the same conclusion. No claims of James McBride nor any of his cohorts have been verified as being true.

Furthermore: John Fulks has never met James McBride nor have ever talked to James McBride personally nor recalls any conversation on the phone. John Fulks never spent any time with James McBride. John Fulks never intends to spend time with JAMES McBRIDE or get acquainted with JAMES McBRIDE or divine province in any way whatsoever.

It is supposed to be Divine Providence, not divine province and therefore qualifies as a cult:

Quote: The Seal and Motto of Connecticut continued to bear fruit, when by Divine Providence, Jonathan Trumbull became our Revolutionary War Governor and we became known as “the Provision State”. The colonial Seals of Connecticut clearly refer to Divine Providence with the hand of God first appearing out of the glory cloud, holding the banner with the motto “He Who Transplanted Still Sustains” over the transplanted vineyard. On the later Seal, the hand of Divine Providence, would by grace (John 1:17) strengthen a vine which bears more fruit (John 15:1-5). Divine Providence was early recognized in the Bible as “God will provide” (Genesis 22:8) and can be found in the Christian writings of St. Augustine (City of God), John Calvin (Institutes of the Christian Religion), William Ames (Marrow of Theology), John Flavel (Mystery of Providence), and the Westminster Assembly (Shorter Catechism in the New England Primer).
The Divine Providence (not Divine Province “james mcbride”) creates goes back to the bible
and was used in England during King Henry’s 1300’s time
Shakspeare’s dramatic art wrote: alike a divine Providence — a moment in that divine superintendence of the … an utterance in the words of Henry : ” We are in God’s hand, brother, not in theirs. End Quote

This is what 20/20 ABC News thinks about this so-called “Divine Province” scam: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/squatters-claiming-ownership-abandoned-houses-national-trend-18322303

McBride’s Response 04-13-13:

“The Vatican is the Global Estate Trustee. Mr. McBride sued them in 2009 for Breach of Trust. They replied by giving him the Key. These are simple facts open on the public record. They require no act of faith or research or confirmation. The pertinent facts are already present.

You, the living people, cannot continue to push on the “pull” door and expect to make progress. The harder you push, the more firmly the door is shut. You can understand that, can’t you? Your Individual Trust Accounts are being administered by the Vatican right now, today, as they have been since the founding of the nation. The entire problem has been that the Vatican Trustees have been and to some extent still are incompetent and/or corrupt and unwilling to do their JOB, which is simply to administer the ESTATE you are heir to.

If you have Trustees who act in Breach of Trust and fail to give you what you consider to be your due, you have every right to sue them, just as McBride did.

So who are your Trustees in this operation? Examination of the historical record shows that it was the Postmaster General of the United States (a Vatican office)operating the land jurisdiction and HRM King George III (acting in another Vatican capacity) operating the international jurisdiction of the sea) and the Rector of the National Shrine (certainly a Vatican Office) operating the jurisdiction of the air).

The original Office occupied by Franklin got “redefined” and corrupted and was abandoned, a fact that Livingway and others discovered and claimed on abandonment. However, you have to consider exactly WHAT that “office” is, and WHOSE office it is. It’s a Vatican Office, always was, and derived any authority it had from the Vatican. The situation is analogous to Livingway making a Claim on Abandonment against an open Vice-President slot in the General Motors Company. Ask yourself—does this make sense? You want to talk about being “recognized”? Has the Vatican restored the Office of US Postmaster General, or superseded it? Where is Livingway’s seal of approval from the CEO of the Holy See? So far as I can see, the Vatican set McBride in charge of the jurisdiction on the land held by the UNITED STATES TRUST and the CANADIAN NATIONAL TRUST,

That pretty much means he gets to play crack the whip over the former Trustees on the land who weren’t doing their job and acting according to the Trust Indenture, which you will find recorded as the PREAMBLE of the Original Equity Contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America.

So McBride has promised to act according to the Original Trust Indenture creating the actual National Trust owed to Americans in behalf of all those who wish to re-establish themselves as beneficiaries of the Original Equity Contract Trust instead of being beneficiaries of the Public Charitable Trust owed to “US citizens”.

We have been defrauded, but not by James McBride, and not by the Holy See.

It’s time that people really understood these matters, and it’s not that hard. Stop pushing on the pull door.”



The response to McBride claims 04-14-13:

“Here we go again, James McBride and his followers just do not comprehend. Here is a more detailed explanation that might help the situation.

For many years Franklin was the British postmaster for the colonies, which enabled him to set up the first national communications network. Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence, however never signed the Article of Confederation. Furthermore, Franklin was a Post Master General for a Republic created by the Illegitimate King of England in 1783, not the Confederacy.

The Franklin office was never claimed by Livingway and others, Franklin’s office was owned by the King of England at the time and we have now found out that the particular King of England was not authorized to have claimed that throne. Franklin’s Post Master General slot was a military office under the Vatican and has been in perpetual war. If McBride has claim to that particular office, have at it. That particular office has nothing to do with the Confederacy of 1781.

“Post Master General is Military”- “general post office” can be either civilian or common law and is without Military rank. Therefore, there is no higher or lower in a civilian or common law Government.
The general post office was abandoned in 1967and it was abandoned at that time it was claimed and restored in 2010. So we scooped it up three months prior to McBride ever thinking about usurping it. The general post office for The United States of America was and still is a common law Government under the Articles of Confederation, a Confederacy, not a Republic. That single fact changes the whole premise of McBride’s claims and fabrications when it comes to the general post office for The United States of America.

McBride has the right of self determination and can create his own general post office for Divine Province. McBride also can call himself Post Master General of Divine Province. Anything else claimed is a trespass in International Law by James McBride. The simple fact is this, stop using the name Livingway and the general post office as having anything to do with this so-called Divine Province and there shall be peace. Stop Trespassing!
The general post office for The United States of America has nothing to do with the Vatican or any other organization other than The United States of America and the reign of the heavens. There is a Declaration of Independence to prove it.

If you believe that the Vatican has your family estate in trust, than you have already accepted the fraud that was perpetrated and you have dismissed the crime. The Vatican has no business opening accounts in other people’s names nor estates and start administering them, period. McBride has no business using any name on anything that has to do with his pretend office. The Vatican had no business using any family estate name on any of their record’s, therefore, even if McBride was not lying about his status, he is still guilty of fraud because the position claimed is not authorized and has never been authorized by any family on the globe, period.

Stop comparing what has happened with the original Confederacy, and the general post office to what is going on with McBride. Two completely different paths, apples and oranges, no comparison, not even in the same ball park. Stop it and go away, like it was said before, the followers of McBride will not go away like telephone solicitors when asked politely.”