The reign of the heavens society invites its members to the GPEX Community!

reign of the heavens great seal

Attention reign of the heavens society members:

The reign of the heavens society invites all of its members to join the GPEX Community.

The GPEX Community site is a membership site so the members can all get to know each other and talk or ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere.

The link is here: LINK

Fill out the front page and once the email is verified, the account is approved.

If You ever wanted to meet or talk directly to the Society Board and get to know them, join the GPEX Community. We look forward to meeting all of the over 800 members of the reign of the heavens society. Alot of you have been with us since the beginning and the Board would like to meet you personally. 

Joining the GPEX Community is free.