Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio case against Obama thrown out for lack of legal standing!


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If we have said it once, we have said it a thousand times, if there are no State Citizens in the State of Arizona, then there is no legal standing to bring suit against the District of Columbia for overstepping its boundaries. Not even a Sheriff can bring suit because Joe Arpaio was never a State Citizen before he became Sheriff. Further, it is very difficult to sue the president of a private company when the Sheriff’s Office is a part of that private Company: Dunn and Bradstreet: MARICOPA, COUNTY OF  Also Traded as SHERIFF`S OFFICE, MARICOPA COUNTY and about 4 other entities are also on the same website from Maricopa County.

Jurisdiction of the Human Rights Tribunal

The Human Rights Tribunal has a very defined jurisdiction. The geographical boundaries and seaward boundaries of The United States of America. The reason for the term international is because each of the original States are independent countries in one Union. Therefore, the Human Rights Tribunal has to be in the international category to serve its purpose. Of course, the way people think that are trying to take over the world, when something says “international” in the name, they think competition and automatic threat against their ambitions. The Human Rights Tribunal does not have jurisdiction in England, France, Germany, Iraq, Iran, or anywhere else other than The United States of America, and very limited advisory jurisdiction in Canada through the original Articles of Confederation.

Release of Jurisdiction of the Human Rights Tribunal

The Human Rights Tribunal loses jurisdiction when there are qualified State Citizens in any particular State, also known as one of the United States, not within the United States.

Those State Citizens can be low in numbers, they have to have particular bodies in place in order to qualify and it takes work. Relying on Birth Right Citizenship is killing the whole country because of complacency.  So the people have to get back to work running their country. The United States of America can help, the churches can help, it takes people that are willing to learn and follow the rules.

The people really need to get rid of this vision in their heads that the U.S. constitution is a document created to restrict the “federal government” from infringing on the rights of the people. The vision has no basis in reality due to many facts. The vision clouds intelligent decisions from being made by people that could otherwise make a difference for the next generation.

Please contact the Governor of The United States of America: [email protected]   for more information