The Charter of the American Continent is ready!


Hello Everyone,

The Charter of the American Continent is ready for ratification.

Charter of the American Continent

This is an example ratification document.

Example Ratification Document

Publisher’s Affidavit

The organization is also open to societies and other international organizations besides the States, Nations and countries. This Charter is where the original Union was moved under the original Confederacy of 1781. The private company formed in 1787 literally started a new union, so no issues there.

Private Company Business Report of the United States of America of 1787

There are not any tricks or traps in the Charter of the American Continent. The Permanent Council does not have any dictatorial powers over the organization. All members have veto powers. The assembly of the American Continent runs everything and has the final word by 2/3rd majority vote. Nothing in the organization dictates that the people of each country is subject to any resolutions passed by the organization. The main purpose of the organization is to uphold the human rights of the people in each nation, State, country, organization or society. Each membership receives a free NAC Global Postal Code to separate its membership from any other membership in any other organization. The NAC Global Postal Code does not change the already established addresses of the organization under any other agreement. Human Rights Tribunals can be formed of, by and for the people to separate the jurisdiction of the corporate courts and “courts of common law called Human Rights Tribunals”. The American Continent is a central hub for the Human Rights Tribunals to publish their judgments and orders and each government is obligated to follow and carry out the orders under the terms of the charter. This was the vision of the 2nd continental congress of The United States of America. Let the people start guiding their States, Nations and Countries back to honor.  We definitely invite all Indian nations to join although they have no reason to trust anyone, we invite them anyways. The whole structure is grounded in bottom up rule, upholding the rule of law, and the human rights of the people. If your organization qualifies as a society and does not qualify as an international organization, that is O.K. Ratifying the Charter of the American Continent qualifies your society as an international organization. It is free to join. All information is in the example ratification document. If your organization is not happy with the American Continent organization, all organizations, nations, states, or countries are free to leave at anytime.


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