The Book called the Law of Nations is a rule book that all Nations and States must follow to keep the existence of their States and countries in tact. If the Law of Nations is not observed by each and every state or country, then they are not with any authority. Most attorney’s have never even heard of the book called the Law of Nations and someone can make a huge profit betting on whether or not anyone holding any office have ever read it or even heard of the aforementioned book.

Therefore, the society is going to show everyone a couple of quotes that can be relied upon to make a decision as to which way North America is going and where it will end up. 

The American Nationals today have made a lot of claims, and every claim can be backed up:

This is what happened in 1781 by 13 states:

Book 1, chapter 1 of the Law of Nations,

§ 10. Of states forming a federal republic. CONFEDERACY
Finally, several sovereign and independent states may unite
themselves together by a perpetual confederacy, without
ceasing to be, each individually, a perfect state. They will
together constitute a federal republic: their joint deliberations
will not impair the sovereignty of each member. Such were
formerly the cities of Greece; such are at present the Seven
United Provinces of the Netherlands, and such the members
of the Helvetic body.

This is what happened in 1789:

§ 11. Of a state that has passed under the dominion of another. But a people that has passed under the dominion of another is no longer a state, and can no longer avail itself directly of the law of nations. Within themselves they were governed by their own laws and magistrates; but without, they were in every thing obliged to follow the orders of Rome.

Here is a quote from the U.S. Supreme Court and their take on what we have today:

“Private international law assumes a more important
aspect in the United States than elsewhere, for the reason
that the several states, although united under the same
sovereign authority and governed by the same laws for all
national purposes embraced by the Federal Constitution, are
otherwise, at least so far as private international law is
concerned, in the same relation as foreign countries.”

The quote from the Supreme Court does not match the quote from the Law of Nations. So there is a conflict because someone has never read the Law of Nations including but not limited to the Justices in the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C.

There are no states because the people have passed under a dominion of another and therefore the states ceased to have a population and therefore cannot be recognized as an International person. The U.S. States are subject to the orders of its sovereign authority, therefore do not qualify as states.There is no state law in existence according to the Law of Nations.

Everyone that keeps pushing to get their federal republic back under the constitution of the United States is under a grand delusion that one could exist under that constitution. If you do not believe it, read those sections under the Law of Nations as written above.

Thank you for your time and attention