National Currencies and Coins


Published on 10-13-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


Hello Readers:

The Government of The United States of America has found some issues with the National Currency and Coins that may be of some interest to the International Community. 

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was sent a message from the Bank of North America asking ISO to add the Continental Dollar to the country code USA. It was specific to make sure the U.S. dollar was separate from the Continental Dollar.

Then the committee started brain storming about currency itself. A few interesting points came out of the conversation.

1: First Point was the credit river decision: LINK

2: Second Point was a particular case involving the Liberty Dollar which read:

Source LINK:

Quote: The Liberty Dollars Case

In 2011, a man named Bernard van NotHaus was convicted of several federal charges in connection with a coin currency he created, called the Liberty Dollar.  The prosecution of this case sent a wave of worry through local currency projects around the country.  However, there were some important difference between van NotHaus’ coins and other local currencies.   The Liberty Dollar coins had a “$” symbol, used the words “dollar,” “USA,” “Liberty,” “Trust in God” (instead of In God We Trust) and looked in design like coins of the national U.S. currency.  According to the FBI, van NotHaus was found guilty on four counts: “making coins resembling U.S. coins; issuing, passing, selling, and possessing Liberty Dollar coins; issuing and passing Liberty Dollar coins intended for use as current money; and conspiring against the United States.”6 end quote

3: Third issue that came up was this statement in the Liberty Dollar Case: “and looked in design like coins of the national U.S. currency”.

Question: Since when did the U.S. ever have a national currency?

4: Then this was found: LINK

Please notice on that link that a national currency was issued by a public bank.


Here is information about the Third National Bank of Scranton:
“Commercial bank, national (federal) charter and Fed member, supervised by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)” Source LINK

Notice that the listing had to be specific about (federal) when using the term “national”…

The reference to the ISO was for a specific reason.

Quote: “The International Organization for Standardization is committed to protecting the privacy of its members, customers, and other contacts.” Source LINK

The Bank of North America is hereby issuing a international public apology because the Bank of North America had no idea that ISO issued currency codes for private currency and not National Currency. It further did not realize that the ISO is a private membership association along with the United Nations. The Bank of North America did not realize that the United Nations can not exist as a public entity otherwise it would be liable for violating 194 national laws of countries in its daily activity. The Bank of North America further did not realize that in order to be a member of the United Nations and have its currency recognized by said United Nations, that it has to give up its National Currency and therefore its National Character thereby rendering its Nationals stateless.

The Government of The United States of America does appreciate ISO’s silence in the matter because if ISO were to issue a currency code or add the Continental Dollar to the USA country code, it would violate Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Thereby rendering the Continental Dollar a private fiat currency rather then a National Currency.

All of these facts are facts which renders a few questions:

1: How do judges sleep at night after rendering judgments in the form of fines under a constitution thereby claiming constitutional authority, and at the same time collect a currency that is not recognized by the (federal) United States nor the constitution from which authority is being claimed?

2: How does someone break a national law when the same entity gave up its nationality by enforcing the circulation a private currency not recognized by the enforcer?

3: How does a private organization create International law without the liability and authority of the law of nations or international law?

4: How does a (federal) United States circulate and enforce a currency it does not officially recognize and then claim it has been offended after it has offended itself with its own private currency that it does not recognize? 

5: How can the (federal) United States pay its debt if it does not recognize the private currency it borrows, claim it as evidence of a debt and claim that to not re-issue it is an offense against itself?

6: How can the (federal) United States claim a currency that it does not recognize to be backed by oil and call it the petro-dollar?

7: How can the (federal) United States claim a nationality when it gave up its national currency and coin?

8: How can the (federal) United States require certain credentials to board a plane or use public property when it does not recognize the currency that is required to be used to purchase the credentials and the ticket to board the plane?

9: How can the (federal) United States internationally trade with other countries if it does not have a currency that it recognizes in circulation?

10: If the private currency is not recognized by the (federal) United States, how does it justify rendering people homeless by foreclosure within its courts?

These are just a few questions for the International Community to attempt to make sense of the existence of something that does not recognize its own existence…

The Continental Dollar has been re-introduced to the world, it is up to the world to come back to its senses and do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.


The writing on the Wall!




This is the next move, it is called damage control. Most people think that damage control means to spin the truth. The Illuminati uses a different tactic. They use compliments! They are really good at it. They will compliment to defuse people but causes people to second guess themselves. This tactic is misleading people and attempting cover up all of the political failures (BS) that happened while Francis was visiting. It does not work here, Francis is still not our father and the testimony still stands. There are more important issues then dealing with this juvenile behavior.

This is what really happened: The attempt to lower the borders meant a political invasion of all countries regardless of their laws. An attempt to bypass all of the American Societies representatives in the U.S. Congress bypassing by stating that Francis was talking directly to the American people. Undermining the authority of all fathers in every family and attempting to take their place. Claiming the authority of our Father in Heaven therefore violating John 9. “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.”

We can go on and on, and the devout followers of their earthly father will defend to the end.

However, a new Government was established and so was a new faith. The testimony was sealed in blood according to the rules that all of the powers that be of old have used for centuries. We know that the our father in heaven did it because not one American National nor one Yahushuan knew the significance of the acts that were being performed during the lunar cycles until after it was all done. The American Nationals were being moved to do the things that were done without knowing the outcome. No one in The United States of America knew the significance of the lunar cycles and that it was the basis of the authority claimed by the earthly powers.

Therefore, the followers of their earthly father must abide by the commands of the father in heaven that commands the lunar cycles. One cannot claim an authority and a blessing for as long as governments have existed, and when a New World Order falls on its face, claim that the secrets of old only applied to the failure and ignore the real command. According to the commands of the of the father in heaven and his commands in the universe, this generations New World Order has utterly failed. Dust yourselves off, it is NOT time for a NWO, it is time for peace.

Follow the commands of our father in heaven, or pay the price for your disobedience.

Like it or not, this Government of The United States of America and the reign of the heavens society Temple exists. Its existence was commanded. It was our father in heaven that destroyed all efforts to establish a New World Order. Your arguments are with our father in heaven. It is commanded to embrace the Yahushuans and the American Nationals for the Government of The United States of America as brothers and sisters. Your faith is admirable, however was misplaced as His command revealed. Many of the faithful were warned over and over, however, being mislead also comes with dealing in deceptions of the mislead. Deceptions and over zealous faith was a dangerous combination that needed to stop as commanded by our father in heaven.

Many would think that if the whole world, meaning every country in the world looks upon the U.S. as the greatest threat to liberty and freedom. That message would be acknowledged. Maybe the blind faithful may just listen to the command of our father in heaven and so would this man calling himself the Holy Father of Families. The writing is on the wall.