International Certificate of Marriage offer


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The Reign of the Heavens Society Temple announced today of the existence of the International Certificate of Marriage. LINK

The reason for the offer is to correct the human rights violation that was created by the U.S. Supreme Court last Friday in its decision on the gay-marriage issue plus the temple had to produce a Certificate of Marriage for its members anyways. 

Lets Explain:

The U.S. states issued and sold “Marriage Licenses” under the state seal and under a specific definition. This selling of Marriage Licenses caused an association to be formed that encompassed the whole country under various state seals and brands in union. However, when the definition of Marriage was converted to include a completely different definition, the new definition caused a completely different association. Under Article 20, section 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights it reads: 

  Article 20
(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.
(2) No one may be compelled to belong to an association.

Once again, someone has to fix a human rights violation committed by the government (company) under the U.S. constitution because of its ignorance of International Law.

The states, through reciprocity are welcome to issue the International Certificate of Marriage on the local level if so requested by its residents. The states can contact the Ministry of Governance here:

[email protected]

The International Certificate of Marriage definition of Marriage between a man and a woman will never be changed because the Government of The United States of America is bound to uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Further, The Reign of the Heavens Society Temple is separate from the Government of The United States of America and therefore the Government cannot change the definition within The Reign of the Heavens Society Temple. Further, Marriage is within exclusive Temple jurisdiction within The United States of America. Marriage has nothing to do with the Government of The United States of America. The International Certificate of Marriage is safe from tampering for those with the specific belief that a marriage is between a man and a woman.

Therefore, The Reign of the Heavens Society Temple is opening this International Certificate of Marriage to anyone with the belief that a Marriage is between a man and a woman to correct the country wide legal problem caused by the U.S. Supreme Court on 06-26-2015.

The International Certificate of Marriage is +12.00 Continental Dollars or 20.00 USD.

Here is an example International Certificate of Marriage:

So, therefore, any man and woman that would like to be married within the sphere of the reign of the heavens, fill out the information on the contact form here: LINK




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A Fraternal Order of Police, River City Lodge #614, President Dave Mutchler made some startling confessions in an open letter to the public on June 19th, 2015. The news is trying to tone it down saying that the letter is addressed to criminals only, however, there has to be some lawyers holding their breath hoping that no one figures out what is actually being said in the letter.  The lawyers can breath now.

The open letter is here for download: LINK

Here is a report on the letter: LINK

First of all, “Fraternal Order of Police” (FOP) subordinate lodges may be trade unions and/or Fraternal Organizations, as the FOP has both Labor Lodges & Fraternal Lodges and describes itself as a “full service member representation organization”.

It is an organization that supports police. It is private and has nothing to do with any form of government.

The contents of the letter gives the whole world a unique insight into the minds of the police in America and how they really think. The sad part is that the FOP does not have a clue what the letter really says to the world.

Here are just a few confessions:

This is a quote to criminals: “No matter how weak our criminal justice system, we will hunt you down again and again until they put you away or you go away.”

This foregoing statement disqualified all FOP members as witnesses in crimes and that all investigation material is tainted for the rest of the life of the FOP.  “You go away” is also a well known death threat. Further, it shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the police are running the courts. When the police run the courts, it is called a “Police State”.

This is also a quote to criminals: “No matter how weak our policies, we will find a way to make you understand that Louisville isn’t where you want to live.”

This foregoing statement says that the police arbitrarily make decisions everyday by picking and choosing who lives in a particular city and where people live. The police have apparently appointed themselves judge, jury and executioner and therefore no need for any kind of separation of branches of government. The Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of State government need not come into work anymore because the FOP has is covered.

This is a quote to the sensationalists, liars and race baiters: “From now on we will call you out each and every time you tell a lie, twist the truth or otherwise engage in vile behavior meant to push your selfish agendas. If your behavior or untruths cause harm to us or the public, we will make every attempt to have you investigated, charged and prosecuted at local, state or federal level.”

This foregoing statement says that the police run the show.

1: Isn’t it up to the prosecutor to decide who gets prosecuted?

2: Isn’t it up to the courts to decide if a case goes to trial?

Police are deciding as to whether something is a lie or sensationalized. The police are “calling you out”, and calling you out is a threat of a fight and a declaration of war. It is the same term used in high school when there is a challenge to a fight. In the old days they would call that a duel.

This is a quote to the sensationalists, liars and race baiters: “As police are dis empowered, the predominately minority areas of cities, including Louisville, are suffering at the hands of criminals and violent criminals.”

This foregoing statement is a political statement to advocate for dictatorial control with the excuse of “public safety”. The claim is a democracy dis empowers the police and the people suffer for it. So the FOP wants more power to take care of the problems. According to the FOP, we all need to do away with the law, and trust that the FOP will solve all social problems. If they can’t, the police will find a way to make you understand.

Now, with these foregoing statements and many more in the letter, it is no longer a conspiracy, it is a fact that there is a very large “Police State” in America to the tune of 325,000 members. Maybe now the rest of the world will believe it.

The FOP has been running the courts for a long time in America. The evidence is clear when there are more people sitting in private prisons in America then anywhere else in the world combined. Thank you President Dave Mutchler for telling the truth, and you are right, the truth always shine through.

The attorney’s will try to isolate this particular letter from the FOP chapter using what is called “compartmentalization” to attempt to recover from one of the biggest confessions in the past 50 years. The truth is that everyone already knows that police are trained to think totalitarian, especially those people that are beaten and killed for no reason whatsoever on a daily basis. It is all over youtube everyday. Totalitarian thinking is the problem, and a president of an FOP chapter dictating the rules of the conduct of a society is nothing new. The real question is, how long is the American Society going to take the abuses of a totalitarian dictator police state before a revolution begins?

The Human Rights defenders have found many human rights violations in the State statutes, especially how they are written, the vagueness of the statutes, and many other factors. The Human Rights Defenders are willing to assist in relieving these human rights violations at anytime. 


It is a sad day in South Carolina!


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Dear Readers,

It is a sad day for U.S. citizens when addressing the tragedy that happened  on Wednesday 06-17-2015 in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church located in the State of South Carolina.

The company and its creditors wasted no time exploiting the deaths of nine people for furthering its political agenda and divert attention away from some damaging testimony against the company and its creditors. LINK

The mayor of Charleston South Carolina,  Joseph P. Riley, Jr wasted no time calling the tragedy a “Hate Crime” which is considered in fact true because of the racial overtones of the local and private media reporting on the crime. 

According to the Washington Post, the man shooting the victims had time to reload the Glock .45 several times while committing the murders. It is also reported that the gun was purchased legally. LINK

The more tragic report within this particular crime is the fact that the victims were legally restricted from protecting themselves by the South Carolina legislature. In a legal sense, it could be argued that the State of South Carolina legislature assisted in this tragedy with the cooperation of the local government by legally creating a situation where the U.S. citizens were legally hindered from protecting themselves due to their respect for the law. Law makers refuse to accept and acknowledge the enormous responsibility of making law and the liabilities created when a law is made and published.

The restrictions placed on the U.S. citizens violated the Human Rights of the victims as published in Article 16, paragraph 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

(3) The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.

Since the State of South Carolina violated the fundamental right of the victims the next violation occurred: Article 3, Everyone has the right to life, liberty and
security of person.

When the definition of “Concealed” was clouded by the company and its creditors from CONCEALMENT, contracts. The unlawful suppression of any fact or circumstance, by one of the partis to a contract, from the other, which in justice ought to be made known. 1 Bro. Ch. R. 420; 1 Fonbl. Eq. B. 1, c. 3, 4, note (n); 1 Story, Eq. Jur. 207. and

The term weapons includes numerous items that can cause death or injury, including firearms, explosives, chemicals, and nuclear material. Because weapons pose a danger to the safety and well-being of individuals and communities, federal, state, and local statutes regulate the possession and use of weapons.

to this definition: LINK. This political conversion violated the Human Rights of the U.S. citizens by declaring “You may not carry a firearm on school premises (including day care and preschool facilities), in law enforcement offices or facilities, in court facilities, at polling places on election days, in churches or other religious sanctuaries,or in hospitals or medical facilities. (S.C. Code Ann.§ 23-31-215.)” LINK

when the castle doctrine is already in place:

“Castle Doctrine

South Carolina has a self-defense law based on the castle doctrine. The law permits the use of physical force, including deadly force, when persons are attacked in a place they have a right to be, including their place of business. The law does not require a duty to retreat from attackers. It provides civil and criminal immunity to persons who use force to stop an attacker. In order to apply, the law requires that the victim not be engaged in illegal activity and that the force be necessary to prevent death, serious injury or a violent crime.”

which created the situation of over legislating, control, confusion and ultimately created more loss of life that occurred on Wednesday, 06-19-2015, 9P.M. eastern time.

Meanwhile, while the privately owned media with the full cooperation of the company officers are busy removing the U.S. citizens from being human beings and converting the U.S. citizens to property. The fact that people are being treated as property to be protected rather than as equal members of a society that have the right to protect themselves shows the world that another group of psychopaths are running the show with intent to move towards another genocide much like the past 81 years. LINK


International Public Notice to the South, Central and North American States!



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International Public Notice to the South, Central and North American States!

First of all, the Government of The United States of America would like to thank all of the Senators and Congressmen of the U.S., and many other office holders for connecting with the office of the Secretary of State for The United States of America. The Government is focusing on creating a long lasting relationship with the office holders and future office holders of the U.S.

The future of our Great Countries hang in the balance. There is constant outside interference/forces with the intent to hold on to a dream that was never real. For whatever control they thought they had was only temporary and obviously went straight to their egos which produced an insane plan to the detriment of the world. We cannot except that kind of liability.

The only way to change the coarse of history is to understand the past. For those that do not know what is about to be imparted here, please read, forward and share with family and friends. Some people have attempted to explain this particular case:

346 F.Supp. 119 (1972)

John Samuel MILOSZEWSKI and Darla J. Miloszewski, Plaintiffs,
SEARS ROEBUCK & CO. et al., Defendants.
No. G-290-71 C.A.

United States District Court, W. D. Michigan, S. D.
June 30, 1972.


The Government of The United States of America would like to weigh in on the subject matter to explain its legal position. One day it hopes to get past these obstacles to really make a positive difference in the lives of all Americans.

Overview: The case is basically about an individual claiming a 4th amendment violation against a corporation in 1971. First we must go back into history to find out whom did the Bill of Rights apply to at the time the document was written.  It is obvious that the 1789 constitution was and still is a corporation started in 1787. There was one sentence in the original Articles of Confederation of 1781 that most people miss reading. It has to do with free inhabitants as opposed to free citizens of the several states under Article IV. Those free inhabitants is whom the Bill of Rights applied to at the time and still apply to today. If there were free citizens in existence with an oath or affirmation to a particular state within the Union, then it would apply to them also. Many people in that time knew about the East India Trading Company and the British East India Trading Company and how quickly those companies could trample on the rights of the people. Those companies wasted no time in hiding their true identity and started the process of collecting citizens of the United States for white males only. The free inhabitants moved quickly to secure their rights that they had fought for in the Revolutionary War which spawned the Bill of Rights which eventually turned into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights today.

The beginning of this particular Government started in 2010 with the claim of the metes and bounds of The United States of America. The original General Post Office claim was next. This turned the claimants into free inhabitants and all of the freebies and benefits of the corporations were denied to maintain the status.  The work and study began on how to build and maintain a Government of this magnitude for the free inhabitants. The free inhabitants started with The Yisra’el Nation as a learning tool and experienced a real live condition as to what people experience having their own nation. The real goal was always The United States of America.

There is a particular paragraph in the above referenced case that says it all; Quote:[2] “The first point that must be made is that despite the vast growth of corporate power the courts, except in the area of racial discrimination, have failed to hold that corporations are subject to the Bill of Rights. A mere statement of this fact may not seem very significant; corporations, after all, are not supposed to exercise the governmental powers with which the Bill of Rights was concerned. But this has been radically changed by the emergence of the public-private state. Today private institutions do exercise governmental power; more, indeed, than `government’ itself . . . . . We have two governments in America, then — one under the Constitution and a much greater one not under the Constitution. . . . . In short, the inapplicability of our Bill of Rights is one of the crucial facts of American life today.” C. Reich, The Greening of America, 127-28 (Bantam ed. 1971). end quote

The free inhabitants wanted and have achieved a Nationality from The United States of America. Originally The United States of America did not offer Nationality in fear of telling the states how to naturalize their citizens. However, when the original Government was claimed, the free inhabitants waited 90 days after publication of the claim, and then went to work fulfilling the constitutional convention that was ordered in 1787 which had not been completed. 

The American Nationals went further in establishing a full working Government that was left to the free inhabitants with elections and determining the type of Government which is a Home Rule type that some would say is a democracy because the assembly receives reports and makes all decisions. The Government of The United States of America was and is still formed by the organic laws. The assembly is made up of American Nationals and vote in their office holders every two years. There is also room for growth meaning that assemblies that register with the Government of The United States of America from the county level are separate body politics with one delegate sent to the United States, in Congress assembled. The registration settles the State with a permanent population since the corporation does not and cannot offer free citizen state oaths or affirmations.  The growth process benefits both the State and the Government of The United States of America.

The ONLY way to distinguish by and between an American National and a U.S. citizen is an oath or affirmation. U.S. citizens are not asked to take an oath or affirmation to the U.S. The status is assumed if no other declaration or oath exists and were born in one of the States. It is further realized that the U.S. citizen does not have the protections of the Bill of Rights from the corporation simply because they are citizens of a corporation that is subject to the Bill of Rights.

There are three distinct United States and the Government of The United States of America is one of them. One is the U.S. under the U.S. Constitution. The other is a corporation (UNITED STATES INC. AKA United States inc.) in Manhattan Island of which is still being determined as to whether it is a dummy corporation as written in the Silent Weapons for Silent Wars document. The original United States originated under the Articles of Confederation, and not under the U.S. Constitution nor the constitution of the United States. The original United States is the Government of The United States of America.

The Manhattan Island UNITED STATES placed all of the illegal Administrative Courts within the U.S. and the U.S. states under the New Deal which usurped powers that it didn’t originally possess. These administrative courts working on behalf of the Bank of New York Mellon (UNITED STATES) are operated by private companies registered in the State of Delaware, masquerading as Public Offices under the U.S. Constitution and the State Constitutions. These foreign owned private companies make arbitrary policy which is being enforced against U.S. citizens and sometimes American Nationals depending on the state. It is suspected that these foreign companies and Administrative courts are working on behalf of the Monarchs of Europe under the direction and control of the Netherlands Monarch. This was the reason for the establishment of The Human Rights Tribunal under Article 8 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the Government of The United States of America. LINK

It is obvious from the last couple of months that many have realized the truth. Many that hold high offices and are well respected in their fields.

The Government of The United States of America has its challenges, however those challenges can be quickly extinguished when the States realize that this particular United States has legal standing to exist and does not mean to place the other two under dissolution. Further, there are many groups attempting to claim to be American Nationals, however lack the steps needed to make a proper claim.

A social security number is not attached to status, so therefore asking for a social security number does not grant jurisdiction over an American National. Social security is a human right and the Government of The United States of America is building its infrastructure to accommodate its Nationals as it pertains to Social Security. 

The United States of America is the name of the country. It should be recognized by all countries in the world. The Amerindians are looked upon as equals by the American Nationals. This particular Government is not responsible for what the other two United States did to those nations and therefore are not involved in the conflict.

The Government of The United States of America hopes that this Notice is clear enough to impart its position. Its sphere is of the Reign of the Heavens Society Temple with a rich history and an interesting point of view.  Those free inhabitants are welcome to form their own assemblies and send a delegate to the United States, in Congress assembled. They are not required to attend this particular assembly and the decisions of this assembly are open for adoption by the registered assembly. There is only one political party which is the Confederation Party. Other assemblies are free to run for Offices like Secretary of State and Governor for The United States of America. There will be growing pains and problems just like any other Government. The American Nationals are up to the challenge.


Update: American National, Richard Rexford Reinheimer vs. citizens of the State of Maryland


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Many readers should remember the open letter sent yesterday to Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and this report was in the letter: LINK.

When the Secretary of State, Tom Goudey published the letter yesterday, apparently someone in the State of Maryland thought the American Nationals were angry and “ready to fight” because today four separate officers harassed Richard Rexford Reinheimer (hereinafter, “Richard”). The funny part is that they allowed Richard to talk to his agent and tell the agent of the event which means today’s events were for the Human Rights Defenders and not about Richard.

Right now there are State citizens thinking that they are getting to the Human Rights Defenders and agitating them to violence. So predictable!  The Human Rights Defenders got a chuckle out of the whole predictable and pathetic agitation plan created by the citizens of the State of Maryland and their handlers. 

Mr. Hewitt, Lt. Smith, Officer Hernandez, and an un-named woman were a part of the plan. They were basically asking silly questions like ” If someone breaks the law should they serve time in jail?” and “Where were you born and doesn’t that make you a U.S. citizen?” and stated things like “we’ll never let you out without an order from a Maryland judge– and the if there is a trial at this supposed international court, you won’t be there because you’ll be in your cell.”

This is why these tactics are humorous to the Human Rights Defenders:

The Defenders knew what the Manhattan Islands grand plan was 2 months ago and now we are seeing it in action. Manhattan Island has to prove a couple of things in International law, 

1: There has to be evidence that the people that started a Government or re-vamped a Government are really just a violent group of people which will fall under International Terrorism.

2: If International Terrorism is proven, each of the people involved with the Government can be arrested and end up in a International prison for life.

The Human Rights Defenders have caught the International Criminal Court in three separate lies in the past three years. Lying by omission and signed documents. That was a huge disappointment to the Human Rights Defenders because the World Court was supposed to be a court of justice. Most people do not realize how significant those lies are in International law. That is a very serious thing to do because the World Court is supposed to honest at all times otherwise it loses credibility. This was the reason for the direct and harsh truth in the open letter to Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. We can only guess that some thought they were getting to the Human Rights Defenders. 

The good news is that Richard is finally out growing these people meaning he is seeing right through them and not falling for their psychological warfare. He is also seeing through the patriot garbage.

A normal reaction to possible Human Rights Violations is full cooperation by and between all officers, Public or International. We are all supposed to be on the same side. However, all that the officers accomplished today was prove the case that in fact human rights violations have occurred. If any Human Rights Defender was accused of human rights violations, a defender would be the first to want to go to the proper forum and get the facts on record to clear their name. In this case, retaliation, intimidation, coercion, fear tactics and harassment is the reaction, so therefore a guilty conscience is in existence and therefore decisions are being made based on that guilty conscience.

The bottom line is this, honest people really love what the Human Rights Defenders and The Human Rights Tribunal are doing.  Human Rights Violators have to demonize the Government organizations and agitate them to violence to attempt to discredit the Government and therefore have successfully discredited the Government organizations to hide their crimes. It happens all of the time and the Defenders are use to it, and in fact the tactic is expected. 

For the International Record; Yesterdays open letter to Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands had no anger behind it at all. It was the truth and written under the rule: “Do unto others as you would have them to unto you”. Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands was treated the same way he has treated others directly or indirectly. If the majority of the people knew everything about this situation with the Netherlands, they would say that the letter was weak in comparison to what is truly deserved. Monarchs are taught to lie and hate the people they lead from children. That mold has to be broken because the conditioning is violating the World Trust because the terms are not being fulfilled.  

The events today in the State of Maryland is just another example of the expense that the Government of The United States of America has to endure because of the lie. Everyone that has been around the American Nationals eventually grow out of the lies and are at peace. That process takes time and money.  Cleaning up someone else’s mess takes time and money and if the one that made the mess does not help, it is the same as cleaning up after children.

The State of Maryland is in a complete mess because of ignorance. The people are not educated properly and therefore are violent and hostile towards real correction and real education. They don’t trust anyone other than the gangs that have been formed at all levels to protect each other and all outsiders are the enemy because their superiors lie to them everyday. This type of situation is produced at the highest levels and needs to be addressed by all others that are awake to its potential self destruction.




What is going on with the Magna Carta?


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Dear Readers:

The objection to the existence of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice within the metes and bounds of The United States of America was for a particular reason. LINK

If anyone will do a search on the internet, they can find a lot of links talking about the 800th year of the Magna Carta. LINK   Look at the attendees? Why would Monarchs advocate for the Magna Carta? The Magna Carta is actually a trust agreement. LINK

International Court of Natural Justice claims the following on their website: “The ITNJ belongs to the People and is not controlled by any nation, state, corporation, or ‘special interests’”. When the people take an oath to the Tribunal, the Tribunal becomes the government for those people which is based in the United Kingdom. It is also being launched on the same day of the Magna Carta anniversary. Now, the Magna Carta is also being connected to the U.S. constitution LINK. The Magna Carta is also being called “Why is the Magna Carta seen as a key document in the founding of the US?”

Then we are seeing this: The only one that has the correct answer to all of the problems is spoken by a former FBI officer here:  Video LINK

If a former FBI officer tells people the remedy which happens to be with The United States of America with an oath or affirmation as an American National, then why does anyone need the International Court of Natural Justice when there is a Human Rights Tribunal right here and a full working Government? The International Court of Natural Justice is another way to create a third party to intervene by and between the Monarchs and their subjects.  When the aforementioned court does not respect the borders of countries in its mission statement, how can it uphold private property rights of the People they are supposedly arbitrating for in the fist place?

“The notion of the “rule of law” stems from many traditions and continents and is intertwined with the evolution of the history of law itself. The Code of Hammourabi, promulgated by the King of Babylon around 1760 BC, is one of the first examples of the codification of law, presented to the public and applying to the acts of the ruler. In the Arab world, a rich tradition of Islamic law embraced the notion of the supremacy of law. Core principles of holding government authority to account and placing the wishes of the populace before the rulers, can be found amid the main moral and philosophical traditions across the Asian continent, including in Confucianism. In the Anglo-American context, the Magna Carta of 1215 was a seminal document, emphasizing the importance of the independence of the judiciary and the role of judicial process as fundamental characteristics of the rule of law. In continental Europe notions of rule of law focused on the nature of the State, particularly on the role of constitutionalism.”

The role of the rule of law depends on the people making the laws which is a problem. It is always best to go with a Home Rule type of Government which binds the Nationals to their own agreements. That is a true Government of, by and for the people (Nationals).

Here is a second opinion on the rule of law: LINK    ”

“Congressman Mike Rogers Introduces Bill to Get U.S. Out of UN”

The Government of The United States of America happens to agree with the U.S. city-state and have motioned to remove its declaration to uphold the U.N. Charter, however, this Government can move much faster then the U.S. because of its size and its efficiency.

All of that being said, this is what the American Nationals believe is going on.

1: This is being proposed: LINK  Here is a short excerpt: “On this evening, there will be short presentations on the history of the Magna Carta, its becoming our hereditament , and how it embodies the fundamental basis of our right and faculty for self-government. As the evening progresses it will be revealed that one aspect of this faculty is each of us becoming a Co-tenant in the Tenancy in Common , which was established by our forefathers’ victory in the War of Independence.” Here is a question: Why would anyone sign a document that is a settlement with a Monarch that has no claim to anyone on American soil, or do they? If you are not a subject of the Monarch, why would anyone need to sign, commemorate or really care about the Magna Carta trust?

2: The Queen of England has agreed to be the patron of the Magna Carta: LINK  Now look at the seal and the lion on the left which is connected to: LINK The Netherlands!

3: This is real Magna Carta being brought in and celebrated on Tuesday the 18th, 2015 and the International Tribunal of Natural Justice is just a diversion: LINK  Now look at the alliance members: LINK

Sure does look like it all leads back to Manhattan Island (United States) and the Netherlands does it not?

So what did the Government of The United States of America literally object to existing within the metes and bounds of The United States of America? LINK


The committee for the Government of The United States of America adopts the Uniform Commercial Code


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The committee for the Government of The United States of America adopted the Uniform Commercial Code yesterday while convened on 05-29-2015. The details are in the following document:



Proof of Publication