The Government of The United States of America is formally declared a National Government!



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 Publisher’s Affidavit

The International Community is hereby Noticed of the formal Declaration issued by the assembly for the Government of The United States of America.

The Declaration is clear as to the right to make the Declaration and to the particulars of the reason for the Declaration.

When The United States of America was amended on May 20th, 2012, it was formed into an independent Nation, however, its Government was not technically declared a National Government which did not technically exist until this Declaration, even though the intention was in existence at the time of amending the Articles of Confederation of 1781 on May 20th, 2012.  Words written on paper must match the intention of the writers, so therefore, this Declaration is hereby published.

A National Government now technically exists where it has never existed before in America.  A certified copy is available at the link below in PDF format.

Declaration of the Existence of a National Government


The Downfall of the Globalist Agenda


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Dear Readers,

This is not an International or Public Notice. This is an article in a newspaper.

So let’s get started:

The Globalist agenda is and was a very simple concept. Break away from all laws of a country and you are free and have immunity from all laws.

We are not saying this makes sense, we are saying that it is an ideology. As the result of the ideology, the facts speak for themselves. One thing is very clear, the Globalists know the history of the United States better than its office holders do.  So confusion is very easy to create. The people believe that the United States is a nation or a country, when it is an actual society. That society can be formed into whatever the members of the society wish it to be, since its citizens vote for the societies leaders on a local level, the upper class of the society make the decisions for the society as a whole. The Globalists know this condition to be a fact, therefore, having the globalist agenda in mind, what better way to secure a world order then to define the U.S. citizens as global citizens. Further, give the people birth right citizenship which secures a population and forces global citizenship upon the society citizenry. The people love that idea because in their minds, they are guaranteed citizenship in a country or nation that in reality, does not exist.

If people will notice or pay attention to what is being said by its president, that president claims to be a global citizen. That claim appears to be a treasonous claim to the societies citizens. However, it would be a treasonous claim if the United States were a country or nation and not a society.  Societies do not have claims to metes and bounds like a country or nation would, they are mobile and expand and shrink in its existence. For those skeptics, take a look:

and if that does not convince you hard core skeptics:

Look at the bar at the top where the entity known as Morgan Stanley is claiming to be a Global Citizen. Yes, Global Citizens are entities and not just individuals.

Now that the United States is a society of Global citizens, it is time for the Globalists to start their world domination plans. First you have to create a world emergency and war, however the war has to be perpetual. So, terrorism is a good place to start because terrorism deals with ideas,  religion and individuals. Now comes 2001, the world trade center. Now that there is a world war on terrorism in place, it is time to attack those people that believe in their countries and have allegiance to a particular country as being a part of a terrorist network of anti-government domestic terrorists, which fills the private detention centers to fund the globalist agenda. Then take over the medical services of a country and make the people sick with Geo-engineering which serves two purposes.  The people are too sick to fight for their country, and it also establishes a long term genocide plan to get rid of anyone that might figure out the globalist agenda and see the agenda for what it is, multiple Human Rights Violations which carries the death penalty. No matter who you are, no one is immune to human rights violations nor the penalties that go with the violations, especially  genocide.

The rest of the world figured out the agenda and realized that they were not included in the agenda and would be potential victims of the agenda. Russia, China and India formed the Brics Nations, the Edward Snowden story came out exposing intellectual property thefts, wiki leaks, Nuclear Explosion on the east coast of America, the people in America were being attacked on the internet for no reason other than for their political views, Geo-engineering is being exposed by the Air Force, and multiple stories came out about abuses that were staggering.

When the Globalists came out with the truth of the agenda, no one was going for it. Further, it became personal, because once the people that were involved with the Globalist agenda came out to reveal themselves, no one liked them personally. Their habits and appetites for small children sacrifice, molestation, trafficking, sex slaves, and other moral discrepancies, and many other nefarious acts are known to the rest of the world as being criminal and violence against children and the elderly. Now the United States Global Citizens (U.S. citizens) are known all over the world as Human Rights Violators and criminals, further, their word means nothing (liars) and no one listens to them.

The American Nationals did not want to be a part of the United States global society, especially with the society being operated and lead by world criminals, so the National Government was borne known as The United States of America. The country is in need of a National Government. It is the best solution to the problems facing the American Nationals and everyone else in America.

So now that you know some of the rest of the story, at least you can make an informed decision. More information will be available soon.




The Government of The United States of America says “Thank You” to the U.S. Secret Service!


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International Public Notice
The Government of The United States of America (Government)would like to thank the U.S. Secret Service for bringing certain events taking place that the Government was not aware of until today. The individuals involved are cooperating with the Government and the Government will do its best to resolve the conflicts.

Public Notice: This group of people are not American Nationals nor have they been naturalized into the proper venue. John Kerry signed the wrong documents for the wrong people in the wrong venue and therefore the documents are considered null and void.  The Government of The United States of America has not solicited any documents from the U.S. Department of State for authentication.  If there are any documents from the Government of The United States of America, they will be in the form of a Peace Treaty and trade agreement with the British Government and the French Government. The documents signed by John Kerry mix the rural free delivery routes and the Streets in clear violation of USPS policy and General Post Office Law. A reciprocity agreement with the U. S. and the Government of The United States of America will also be considered in an effort to cure some Human Rights Violations.





U.S. Military is receiving an offer and proposal from the Government of The United States of America!



Hello Readers,

The following document is for the members of the U.S. Military former and current. It is an offer to make a choice with all of the evidence needed to make an informed choice as to their future, the future of the country and the future of our children. It is in our prayers that they make the right decision. 

Presentation and proposal to U.S. Military

Benjamin Franklin-Ledger