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The Committee on Human Rights is approached by the brother of Rod Class this afternoon on 10-30-2014:

The Brother of Rod Class is extremely concerned about Rod Class based on his recent arrest over a two or three year argument about alleged weapons violations.

The Committee heard some of the details of the case and decided that the Class brothers cannot be worked with at this time. Further, there are no human rights being violated against Rod Class.

As a matter of fact, Rod Class is actually violating Article 20, section 1 and 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, the U.S. has not filed any Human Rights Violations against Rod Class with the Clerk of The Human Rights Tribunal at this time. 

Lets Explain:

Rod Class is arguing U.S. Constitution and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) as a defense, yet has never signed the U.S. constitution nor is Rod Class licensed to use the UCC. The People of the United States have not invited Rod Class to be a part of that association.

Rod Class is forcing the U.S. constitution association on people through administrative law that are not a party to that constitution, including Rod Class, yet feels justified in telling others what they are doing wrong in administrative procedures that are being implemented by Metro. Metro has nothing to do with the U.S. Constitution as a private membership association and Rod Class is not using any administrative procedure to create a peaceful settlement or solution.

Rod Class is practicing Administrative Law as a weapon which is not a part of the UCC nor the U.S. constitution.

On or about July 11th, 2014, Rod Class was speaking to a woman named Debra. Debra tried to explain to Rod Class many times in that recording what to do and how to do it, meaning getting out of the empire. Rod Class did not listen to a thing Debra was saying and basically wasted Debra’s precious time for about an hour and a half.

The Committee tried to explain how to fix the issue, however, the explanation fell on deaf ears because of the constant will to fight rather than resolve the issue and move on.

The failure of Metro to resolve this issue by and between Rod Class and the U.S. is a real problem. It is a failure of the Metro administrative system to remain neutral in resolving issues administratively as a third party settlement board. The Metro System is actually agitating the problem rather than resolving the problem by not explaining the true purpose of administrative procedure.

However, there are no human rights violations at this time and all parties are at fault in one way or another. The Human Rights Tribunal will remain neutral unless approached by Rod Class AND the U.S. to resolve the matter.

Human Rights Definition:

Administrative law:

Many countries provide separate legal systems for handling non-criminal conflicts between citizens and the state, which are usually called systems of administrative law. Even where, as in the United Kingdom, there is no formally separate system, a functional division is likely to exist, with judges specializing in such conflicts, and with the development of special procedures and legal doctrines. At one time the dominant thinking in the UK was that administrative law should not be a separate system, because there would actually be less control over the executive if public bodies were not subjected to the same controls as all other citizens through the common law. This view, associated with A.V.Dicey (1835–1922), held that European societies were executive-dominated because the administrative law system allowed public servants to hide from the scrutiny of truly independent courts. It has largely been discredited, at least in part because the UK found it necessary to develop de-facto, if not de-jure, administrative law courts of its own. Administrative law is characterized by a very strong insistence that all acts of public officials be clearly intra-vires, fully authorized by a legitimate rule or statute. Administrative law seldom goes beyond that, because the courts in question are expressly not authorized to challenge the legitimacy of the authorizing legislation itself. Thus in countries such as Germany and Italy, and, in a different way, France, which have both administrative law and constitutional law, questions of the validity of the authorizing laws are strictly reserved to the constitutional courts. There are other doctrines,sometimes very powerful ones, used in European administrative law which, unlike the basic intra vires test, have no clear counterpart in common law jurisdictions. Two of the more important doctrines are those governing misuse of power, best known by its French label of détournement de pouvoir, and the concept of proportionality in administrative action. Misuse of power here means using an acknowledged legitimate power for ends that were not intended by the legislature, while proportionality means that no more far reaching administrative action is justified than is minimally necessary to achieve the legitimate aims of the legislation authorizing the actions. This latter doctrine is beginning to be accepted into common law jurisdictions, especially in Canada and, to a lesser extent, in the UK. As the European Court of Justice (ECJ) develops increasing power,and hears more and more appeals from citizens of member states under the Article 177 proceedings, something like a European administrative or public law system is developing, helped by the fact that the ECJ has incorporated the European Convention on Human Rights directly into European Union law.



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The Human Rights Tribunal heard a very disturbing case of elderly fleecing of assets by a very disturbing group of individuals connected all the way to UNDESA of the United Nations.

Most of the evidence is posted here: absent the private court proceedings video from 2010. The video files are too large to post on this site.

Apparently the evidence is pretty clear that there is a group of people going around the country looking for the elderly population that have large homes that are paid off and auctioning the homes to pay for guardian and foster care services.  All of the human rights violations are done by private membership associations. In this particular case, the attorney asking the questions in the court room and basically running the court is a member of the same association as the appointed guardian in the Carolyn Rousseau case.

The defense attorney is seen looking through a magazine and basically without any questions for anyone.  Take a look at the judgment and order and you can decide whether or not you have to think about protecting your mother and fathers assets before these people get a hold them.


Judgement and Order

THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST will keep our readers updated on the outcome of this particular case.





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This video is an older video. It was placed on you tube about 3 years ago. It has over 500, 000 hits or views.  However, the obvious was never stated about the content of the video.   Notice in the comments there are people attacking the presenter instead of the content. Further, the subject is changed calling the video a lie or faked. Who ever thought that iron in food meant “actual iron shavings”.  This publishing is for those that have not seen the video.  You decide!


[embedplusvideo height=”300″ width=”450″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=Xj3Mu2xPNXc&width=450&height=300&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep9459″ /]



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Comes now, the Human Rights Defenders International to petition the Humans Rights Tribunal organized under Article 8, to issue a judgment and order of Human Rights Violations committed against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights agreed upon the 10th of December, 1948, and

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Government of The United States of America has a legal contract with the United Nations organization published at this address:

in the newspaper with proof of service. The Government of The United States of America is under contract with the United Nations organization even if the Government of The United States of America is not reaping any benefit from the contract at this time. Therefore, the Government of The United States of America, according to the contract, does have the following rights:

Security Council Resolution 2178 (2014):

Adopted under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, this resolution:

1. Reaffirms that Member States must comply with their human rights obligations when fighting terrorism and notes that a failure to do so contributes to radicalization.

2. Defines the term Foreign Terrorist Fighter as “individuals who travel to a State other than their States of residence or nationality for the purpose of the perpetration, planning, or preparation of, or participation in, terrorist acts or the providing or receiving of terrorist training, including in connection with armed conflict.”

4. Expresses concern over the use of the internet to incite others to commit terrorist acts and underlines the need to prevent terrorists from exploiting technology to incite support for terrorist acts, while at the same time respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms.
The Government of The United States of America is obligated to uphold these agreements until notified directly that the Government of The United States of America is not obligated to uphold the United Nations Charter, and

Therefore, where there is an obligation there is a legal right, and

WHEREAS, a human being has claimed through SOURCE wherein does it read:

“Clifford was arrested without a warrant or charges in November, 2013 while giving a public talk on common law rights. Since then, he has been confined incommunicado in a Brandon, Manitoba prison, where he has been routinely denied the right to appear in court, file petitions or seek Habeas Corpus relief.”

This week, a sheriff at the prison told Clifford’s wife,

“Dean will never get out of here”.

End quote, and

Further it reads: Brussels, October 10, 2014

The ITCCS Directorate today adopted Canadian common law activist Dean Clifford as an International Prisoner of Conscience and began campaigning for his immediate release from “barbaric police state conditions”. The ITCCS will be presenting a formal petition of Habeas Corpus to Canadian courts to secure his release.
End quote.

WHEREAS, a human being has claimed multiple violations under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including but not limited to:

Article 5

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Article 6

Everyone has the right to recognition every­where as a person before the law.


WHEREAS, it appears that the Canadian Government has fallen victim to a Nazi socialist/fascist ideology political scam perpetrated by Southern Poverty Law Center, a violent hate group that demonizes anyone that proclaims freedom from the Nazi Socialists/fascists ideology, and


WHEREAS, the Southern Poverty Law Center has used one: Chief Bob Paudert and the death of his son to further the cause of Nazi socialist/ Facist ideology in America and Canada as seen here:

WHEREAS, Bob Paudert has used his influence to essentially convert, through fear, all police officers in America into potential political assassins and hit men against anyone with different political views other than their own, and

WHEREAS, Bob Paudert has spread this message of hate and Nazi Socialist/Facist ideology to Toronto, Canada where it clearly shows in the video that Bob Paudert has gone un-recognized in Toronto, Canada as to his real agenda and murderous rampage throughout America and Canada with the help and funding of the Southern Poverty Law Center hate group, and

WHEREAS, as a result, the fear and violence spread throughout Canada due to Bob Pauderts highly effective campaign to eradicate any and all non-socialists/Facist from America and Canada has resulted in multiple human rights violations against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Bob Paudert campaign closely resembles crimes against humanity based on the intent to publish lies about groups all over America and Canada in an effort to perpetrate violence and murder against people based on their political beliefs in freedom in an effort to commit genocide against those freedom loving people , and

WHEREAS, Bob Pauderts campaign was fueled by the murder of his son, however the murder was caused by two criminals and not two sovereign citizen domestic terrorists as Bob Paudert has been implying.

WHEREAS, Bob Paudert has been using the death of his son to further his Nazi Socialist/Facist political ideology and has been ruining many lives by placing certain death warrants against anyone that disagrees with his Nazi Socialists/Facist political views , and

WHEREAS, Bob Paudert has been heralded as a hero for waging war against Americans and Canadians recruiting others in uniform with the “trust” of the men in uniform to manipulate them into political assassins against his political enemies, and

WHEREAS, the Southern Poverty Law Center has been exposed for its hate ideology and removed as a source of reliable information from law enforcement records in Washington D.C., however, Bob Pauderts war against America and Canada rages on privately in courts and police stations across America and Canada, yet is allowed to remain free and non-repentant for his treachery, and

WHEREAS, Bob Paudert produces many videos that are placed on You Tube about the death of his son that are cunningly designed to create paranoia and fear in his fellow officers. By continuing to create fear and paranoia creates division between the people and the police which has resulted in many police murders of innocent people by the police and vice versa, and

WHEREAS, Bob Paudert and Southern Poverty Law Center have painted some of the most respected organizations including but not limited to Military Veterans in America as violent domestic terrorist hate groups which has resulted in lawsuits against Southern Poverty Law Center and convictions of Human Rights Violations against Morris Dees, and

WHEREAS, the sad part about this whole crime spree created by Bob Paudert and Southern Poverty Law Center is the attempted murder charges and accusations against police that even speak about someone being a sovereign citizen domestic terrorist because of the violence that could potentially come against someone profiled in that category. It is a very serious matter and can get a whole family shot or even killed because the police actually trust Bob Paudert and always feel sorry for the man that lost his son, and

bill-ayers_mugshotbill ayers hardball


Whereas, that the Government of Canada must take a serious look at the people like Bob Paudert and Southern Poverty Law Center as they follow a well known terrorist named William Ayers, a well known terrorist that implemented a bombing campaign across America in the 60’s and 70’s that killed police officers. The followers of William Ayers are intending to start a revolution in America and Canada to establish a Marxist/facists Socialist government after the revolution. The group lost a lot of credibility in America in the past two years so they have started spreading their fear and incitement in Canada: source: , and

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Human Rights Defenders hereby move the Human Rights Tribunal to make a judgment that Human Rights violations do exist as a result of the political campaign perpetrated by Bob Paudert and funded by Southern Poverty Law Center, and

The Human Rights Defenders International




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By order of the Government of The United States of America,

Any threats or acts of shutting down the financial sector causing a financial crisis, power and communications, phone and internet shut down or disruption, fear mongering, threats of sickness, pandemic influenza continuity, false flag of Ebola outbreak or any other false flag; water contamination, whether via entertainment channels or otherwise, is considered an act of aggression, act of terrorism, wherein the perpetrators will be held responsible and held as surety for their acts of anti-government and intent to incite violence against a peaceful country even if classified as an exercise or drill.

The following parties will be held accountable: “A FEMA document states the “Federal Executive Boards in New York City and Northern New Jersey in partnership with FEMA Region II, The Department of Health and Human Services Region II, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) and the Clearing House Association are sponsoring a two year series of pandemic influenza continuity exercises,” which culminate in full scale exercises in November.”

Furthermore, it is ordered by the Government of The United States of America that the Center for Disease Control shall stand down, and any other agency connected thereto, on any and all exercises dealing with any kind of pandemic perceived threat in November and the next two years or any other time. If martial law is attempted to be implemented, the Center for Disease Control, and all employees will be held liable under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for inciting a riot and violence.

Signed by the Governor of the Government of The United States of America, order originates from the assembly for the Government of The United States of America.


The Government of The United States of America is now under the full control of a Political Party!!


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 The Confederation Party logo

The Government of The United States of America,
Rural Free Delivery Route 1,
The Confederation Party
Publication # 442458742584
Box # 8
Sumter county,
State of Florida,
The United States of America,
Postal Code: 27-359


The office of the Post Master General of the Confederacy of The United States of America has responded favorably to a petition from The Confederation Party claiming control over the Government of The United States of America, and 

All control of the Government of The United States of America has been transferred by the office of the Post Master General of the Confederacy of The United States of America to The Confederation Party.  The assembly added that the assembly; “accepts and acknowledges The Confederation Party as a single party rule over the Government of The United States of America”, and

Further, there were some safe guards of the transfer of control of which the assembly accepted and acknowledged due to the fact that the conditions were favorable to the American Nationals as a people, and 

Either way, there is an official political party in charge and control of the Government of The United States of America and the details of the transfer of control of the Government of The United States of America are available below:

This is a Great Day for America!


Official Assembly Record


Published on 10-13-2014




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Dear readers:

If our readers will remember this case of email tampering on 08-28-2014 LINK. 


Sorry readers: The mistake on the dates have been corrected by the International Notary.  Notice: September 8th, 2014 has been corrected to October 8th, 2014 on the Judgment and Order of the Human Rights Tribunal. Typos do happen and this notice is a notice of correction for proper record keeping purposes.


The Reign of the Heavens Society joins Act for America Organization!


  • ACT! for America is the largest and the only grassroots organization dedicated to national security and defeating terrorism.  Today, ACT for America has expanded to 890 chapters and 280,000 members.
  • ACT! for America is a non-partisan organization whose mission appeals to every American concerned about national security and terrorism a powerful, organized, informed and mobilized voice.
  • ACT! for America stands ready to take action as the only national security grassroots organization in America.

To the members of the reign of the heavens society:

There are times that all differences must be set aside when the future of our children is at stake. Regardless of our differences in political, religious or other views, when the threat is greater than all of us, it is time to join together for our own survival.

Link to Act for America website



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Metro encourages this behavior from its policy enforcers. Metro encourages Human Rights violations. This is what your children are looking forward to in their future. CLINK LINK ABOVE!  These videos are easy to find and these events happen everyday and will continue to happen as long as people put up with it.






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Dear Readers,

THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST has been tasked with attempting to explain the seriousness of the situation in America. The only way to accomplish this task is to go one step at a time.

1: A baby is born in a country.

2: At the age of 18 the young man or woman is a resident of the country of birth.

3: At the age of 21, the young man or woman chooses to remain a resident forfeiting a political vote or takes an oath or affirmation to his or her country thereby claiming a nationality and a vote.

4: Once an oath or affirmation of allegiance or fidelity has been taken, that national must remain true to his or her constitution that was inherited.

5: The young man or woman has children, and the inheritance moves to the next generation.

6: In a democracy, a republic or a confederacy, any changes to the constitution must be done by convention, assembly, or a vote of the representatives after a vote of the people.

7: If the representative tries to change one word of a constitution without a vote from the people, the representative has committed “High Treason” against the country’s constitution.

8: People do have the right to exile and proclaim the existence of new States without committing treason, that is how the fifty States were created over a two hundred year period.

Here is where the problems start:

1: The representatives have voted a new constitution in without a vote of the people and started convening under that constitution called the Constitution for the Newstates of America.

2: When that happened, those representatives declared exile and proclaimed the existence of a new country without the knowledge of the people thereby exiling the people by continuing to represent them in the new country and under the new constitution. See “Governors Conference”.

3: The people believe the Bill of Rights are still being enforced which is simply not true, don’t believe it? Go to a Metro-court and find out for yourself.

4: The American Nationals went back to the original country and remain there under oath or affirmation thereby claiming original Nationality.

Here is the dilemma:

1: What do the original American Nationals do with those that committed High Treason against the United States by changing and deleting its form of Government under the same name and not notifying the people of the new name?

Answer: Accept and acknowledge their political decision to exile and proclaim the existence of their new Government, however, also accept and acknowledge their deportation.

The land does not belong to the Newstates of America, the United Nations, the Netherlands, the International Monetary fund nor the World Bank just as it did not belong to the United States, it belongs to the people, therefore to accept and acknowledge the deportation of those that declared exile to the Newstates of America is proper for it has no territory.

If those that exile to the Newstates of America or any other entity want to go and find new territory, that is their right, however, they cannot change the name of the country, declare exile and secretly proclaim it in the name of the people, then act like nothing happened under a new leader that no one has ever seen or new laws that no one understands, that is high treason.

Personal level:

This is what happens when you give your power of attorney to a representative.
That representative can give you and your country over to a foreign power without your knowledge which is what has happened in America

The representative can also exile you and leave you in limbo, stateless, and without a country or nationality and never tell you that is what happened because that representative can claim you said it through power of attorney.

Further, that representative can hold you responsible for any debt that they choose under any law unless that representative declares exile and proclaims the existence of a new country and never tells anyone about it. The people are no longer responsible for any debt because the rules of the original country come back into play. No taxation without representation.

Basically, the United States, by law, is without leaders, no representatives, they all left to join various international organizations and declared exile.

That means that the Military is in charge of the United States until they can get a Government back in place. The United States has been in the hands of the Military since 1999. It was abandoned by Bill Clinton.

This also means that the current American Nationals with the original Government and the Military are at a standstill because the Military wants the constitution of the United States and the American Nationals have their own Articles of Confederation and neither wants to budge.

Technically, the Government of The United States of America is the only Government in existence; the Military have delusions of Granger of being a world Military which is impossible regardless of technology. Many have tried and many have failed throughout history even with the same technology that the Military has today. This is not the first time that airplanes have been created.

The American Nationals have given the U.S. citizens the State of New Columbia and are sure that Metro is doing its best to stop that State from being properly populated by doing its best to hide that information.

The Military does not want to come to the table and work something out for reasons unknown. The Military continues to follow orders that they know are not lawful orders nor have the people’s best interest for reasons unknown.

The American Nationals continue to grow in numbers one at a time, meanwhile watching all of the people that have no clue that their country they thought they had is gone.

Brief of the Situation:

1: The people have been placed into a nursery designed by Metro and Metro babies them like children to get their complacency while abandoned by their government, and

2: The Military is being funded by Metro so they are caught in the middle, however do have the power to break free so that is not an excuse, and

3: The police believe that they are enforcing real state law, but are actually enforcing Metro policies on an international level and it appears that everyone that resists Metro policies are anti-government and violent domestic terrorist groups thanks to Metros SPLC and many other organizations formed by Metro to brainwash the police.

4: The reality is that Metro is not a country and its members are in exile. Most of them hate Government with a passion and are extremely anti-government and extremely violent people that will do anything to destroy any kind of government. That is why they attack ANYONE that stands up for any kind of Constitution yet have one of their own, they are very hypocritical people and never make any sense. There message is no government whatsoever except theirs, and any violent acts by Metro members are blamed on other governments. Blackmail, kidnapping, murder, rape, drugs you name it, Metro is into it.

What can the people do?

1: Claim a nationality because your leaders exiled you. The American Nationals don’t care which nationality, at least claim one available. If you don’t want to take an oath or affirmation, at least claim a Nationality even if you think you do not have to claim a nationality, better safe than sorry.

2: Create awareness by comparing Metro policies with United States laws and show people the difference.

3: Start helping American Nationals help you. The condition today is people are trying to hold onto what they have and do not want any attention brought to them in fear of losing their assets in a Metro-court. That tactic does not work because eventually Metro personnel will come for you when they have complete control. The reason is, they covet what they see and cannot help themselves because they are jealous of other people’s wealth, so Metro Personnel just comes and takes it when they know there will be no retaliation against them. Metro personnel will always blame others for their own actions, so watch out, do not try to fight that, just find the lie and expose it. The lie is easy to find.

4: The Government of The United States of America is willing to BE the U.S. Militaries Government to settle all of the issues previously mentioned, however, that condition remains to be seen. If we wait too long, Metro will grow stronger and stronger until all personnel in the military are re-placed by Metro personnel under the same name and then attack and destroy the American Nationals and the original Government. The light of freedom will be lost and the world will fall to slavery because all knowledge of freedom will be lost on how to form a nation. That knowledge will be hidden by Metro-Personnel from future generations which is already happening.

If there are any other suggestions, please leave a comment, thank you.