Asian Carp in the State of Illinois

SPRINGFIELD — Almost nobody in Illinois wants to eat Asian carp.

“There’s no market for them. I’ve had one or two people ask for them,” said Clint Carter, co-owner of Carter’s Fish Market, 1900 South Grand Ave. E.

That’s too bad because the few people brave enough to taste the pearly white flesh – punctuated by many bones — say it tastes like cod or tilapia.

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The Fraternal Order of the Reign of the Heavens Society now administers reign citizen status!



reign of the heavens great seal




reign of the heavens re-discovered and claimed

Since its re-discovery, a society and a temple has been formed in its name. The country is operated by a trust called the Temple of YHWH which meets at least once per year to conduct its business.

Code of Conduct 

The reign national is bound by the following code of conduct:


The society has prepared the members Code of Conduct so that all members will understand a proper way to conduct themselves as representatives of the reign of the heavens society whether they are in the sanctuary or elsewhere.

We must keep in mind that the public, private and International conduct inspires and motivates people, and can also scandalize and undermine the society and the faith in the mission of the society. Therefore, members should at all times be aware of the responsibilities and liabilities that accompany their rights of self determination. They must also know that the Most High’s knowledge, grace, self determination, and wisdom in the face of controversy support’s them in their conduct.

All society members should strive to: 

1: Be committed to yahushua and his perfect example of Nation Building manifested in the reign of the heavens society, as the knowledge is the inheritance of the people which results in their freedom from tyranny.

2: Conduct themselves in an honest and open manner, free from deception and corruption.

3: Handle their interactions with others as a matter of conscience.

4: Set high moral standards and lead by example.

5: Have respect for fellow members and others, refraining from conduct, words or others actions that are disrespectful, however, not at the expense of the truth.

6: Respect the dignity and worth of each member of the society, however, not at the expense of the peace or the toleration of physical or verbal abuse.

7: Respect each member as a part of the whole as a creation in development without regard to economic status, age, disability or cultural background.

8: Respect the constituted authority in the society and the other Citizens and Nationals of the reign of the heavens.

9: Be courteous to everyone, show empathy and concern for people in need, especially people who are new to the society.

When issues of disrespect and matters requiring disciplinary action arise, they will be brought to the attention to the proper Branch of the Government of The United States of America. If said issues are not resolved by the proper Branch, they will be brought to the attention of the General Post Office for The United States of America and the reign of the heavens under Article 9 of the General Post Office Articles.


Mission Statement for the Fraternal Order of the Reign of the Heavens Society

Mission Statement:

The Fraternal Order of the Reign of the Heavens Society members are dedicated to exposing satanic activity including but not limited too murder, pedophilia, fraud, human trafficking, sacrifices, and rituals that violate the rights of human beings.The rights of animals to be protected against bestiality and abuse, and religious practices and symbols that deceive the public,and its membership.


The main goal for the Fraternal Order of the Reign of the Heavens Society is to serve the public as an informational source for peace officers, investigators and other organizations exposing these satanic organizations committing nefarious acts against the public.