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The Human Rights Defenders (HRD) conducted a 7 month investigation into Manhattan Island and its origins.  All connections and links have been verified. This investigation took quite a while because of the cunning type of people that the investigation included. The people (dutch) that have a charter from the Netherlands going all the way back to June 7, 1629. Yes, we are talking about the current island of Manhattan, New York.  The tentacles of this island reach all over the continent and back to the Netherlands. There have been connections made to the monarchs of Europe tied to the Netherlands in a way that the British Monarchs claim their royal authority from the Netherlands which changes the way we all picture things in our head. The three city-state empire started in the Netherlands.

One thing is clear, if there are human rights violations being witnessed, one can always link it back to the Netherlands in one way, shape or form.

Manhattan Island, under the Charter of Freedoms and Exemptions  claims all of the North, Central and South American States as colonies today. Many thought it was the three-city state empire. The Catholics are still in fear today that if they were to tell the truth, the Catholics (Vatican) would be blamed.

There will be a series of International Notices published dealing with Human Rights violations and War Crimes. The states and the U.S. can relax, the truth is known and can be proven. There is a saying, “All roads lead back to Rome”. In this case; “All roads lead back to the Netherlands”. The Dutch people have been studied in their habits and reactions. It seems that there are no boundaries when it comes to their actions. They will attack women and children to achieve a goal.  When it is said that there are no boundaries, it means exactly what the statement implies. 

The investigation information is safe and in many  places around the country. It is time to expose Manhattan Island for what it is and what it claims in order for the American citizens and the American Nationals to be  free of this tyranny. The last statement also includes but not limited to state officers, police, local bankers, local judges, feds, and any other individual. No one in America has been safe from the tyranny of these people for centuries. However, no one has ever seen behind the veil before now without being under the thumb of blackmail, extortion, threat, assassination, bribery, or any other type of vile act that knows no boundaries and no limits.


The assembly for the Government of The United States of America assembled today proclaiming all of the 50 States free and independent.

” BE IT RESOLVED, a motion was carried by the assembly of Affirmed American Nationals that hereby proclaims under the Rule of Private International law, that all 50 States are independent States and not colonies under Manhattan Island Charter of Freedoms and Exemptions to Patroons nor under the Charter of The Bank of New York Mellon of 1784 as American Colonies; and”


“BE IT RESOLVED, a motion was carried by the assembly of affirmed American Nationals to claim Richard Rexford Reinheimer kidnapped by the Dutch residing on Manhattan Island; and”


Under orders from Manhattan Island, Richard Rexford Reinheimer (Richard) was sentenced to two years for resisting arrest. Richard has been fighting a foreclosure for about 2 to 3 years against a foe that had no right to claim him as a subject in the first place before coming to The United States of America to claim a Nationality. The judge in the case in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland is 78 years old which all judges are required to retire at age 70. Richard proved in a previous trial that all charges were made up by the local police. Richard lived in a upper middle class neighborhood. Richard was scared of something that he could not verbally express but through anger and frustration. Richard felt something was very wrong and could not pin point the problem. After being trafficked  about a week or two ago, Manhattan Island thought this was necessary to send a message to the rest of the neighborhood:

“On March 30, the 10-deputies and a 10-man swat team and an armored vehicle evicted Mrs. Reinheimer and her 13 year-old daughter. The other children were not at the home.”


Keep in mind that Richard was in a privately owned detention center and still is today. No orders were signed, nothing was done on the record. When this happens it means that Manhattan Island is lowering the boom on its subjects in its colonies regardless of their age.

The official international record shows that a Human Rights Defender has been trafficked into a private prison owned and operated by Manhattan Island for being a political dissident. Right now, the trafficked Human Rights Defender has arrested the following individuals for human rights violations within the privately owned detention center:(Richard has since been moved to a State detention center):

Queen Anne’s Detention Center
Offender ID #150217
Richard Reinheimer
500 Little Hut Drive
Centerville, MD 21617
410-758-3817 ext. 2
DOB: 5/19/64

Richard has verbally claimed his nationality and protested his incarceration on the recorded calls of the county detention center numerous times.

Richard has submitted these names as individuals he placed under arrest as a Human Rights Defender for Article 9 and Article 15 violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

LaMonte Cooke (detention center warden)
Ben Sampson (asst to warden)
Gary S. Foster (office of public defenders)
Cpl. ___ Spencer (detention center guard)
Sgt. ___ Dodd (detention center guard)
Sgt. ___ Pratt (detention center guard)
Off. ___ Wilson (detention center guard)
Off ___ McGlaghlin (detention center guard)
Off ___ Saglione (detention center guard)
Off. ___ Foxwell (transport driver)
Frank M. Kratovil, Jr. (named magistrate by inmate at county facility)

The following individuals are also involved with his arbitrary arrest, sentencing and incarceration.

Thomas George Ross (magistrate)
William H. Adkins (magistrate)
Sidney S. Campen, Jr. (magistrate)
Tesia Zajac (magistrate)
Rebecca S. Finn (state’s attorney)
Scott MacGlashan (circuit court court clerk)
R. Gery Hofmann, III (sheriff)
Charles Harris (deputy)
Phillip J. English (deputy)
Kevin Fleck (deputy)

Human Rights have been codified in International Law and are enforced under the “Jus Cogens” doctrine. Regardless of Richards guilt or innocence, human rights violations have been committed and covered up.

One thing is for sure, Manhattan Island, the Netherlands and the Dutch people believe that they are above the law and will crush anyone that they believe threatens them regardless of the consequences and loss of life. Updates will be available soon.



Human Trafficking in America!


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The people on North America have had a lot of complaints about the taxation system in the U.S. city-state. There is a good reason for the complaints, however, the people have failed to state a claim where relief can be granted. Lets explain:

There is a very good article on the internet about London’s Mayor having to pay a capital gains tax. LINK!  

In the article, it has a statement:  “American citizenship carries with it a uniquely vexing taxation problem. The United States is one of only two countries where taxation is based on citizenship rather than residence (Eritrea is the other). If Johnson lived in the United States, for instance, he would not have to file a British tax return.”  Further it reads: “The unusual U.S. policy dates back to the Civil War and the Revenue Act of 1862, which called for the taxing of American citizens abroad, in part to punish men who fled the country to avoid joining the Union army.”   (This municipal city-state act was a violation of the Law of Nations and still is today, not to mention International law.)

It has been found that Birth Right Citizenship is also child trafficking and ultimately Human Trafficking under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights because of the technical aspects of the so called: “Birth Right”.  LINK! 

Now, therefore, every time a tax is imposed on an individual based on citizenship and not on residence at the time, it is Human Trafficking. This is also the reason for never settling the civil war, to keep the Revenue Act of 1862 alive and well. However, today would be a good day to settle the issue whereas everyone being taxed based on citizenship is really more evidence of Human Trafficking. It would behoove those involved to change some policies to taxation based on residence and not citizenship otherwise face some not so pleasant charges of Child and Human Trafficking which is devastating on a resume for future or current employment. Human and child trafficking are serious crimes in this world. The expats in the world could really use this information to give them some peace.

The problem has been so wide spread, that offshore banks won’t do business with U.S. citizens for fear of being harassed and ultimately being a party to Human Trafficking. The Human Trafficking facts of U.S. citizens are well know in other countries and the reason why expats are so welcomed in other countries. Welcoming expats is basically a humanitarian cause implemented for U.S. citizens and those countries do their best to fight the trafficking issues with offering offshore tax havens to U.S. citizens and resident programs.

For fear of being attacked, most other countries will not mention the trafficking issue, they place this disclaimer in all of their articles: ” There are significant upsides to being a U.S. citizen, of course, ”

But that disclaimer is placed there after the staggering numbers are posted on how many people are leaving the U.S. city-state: “Johnson does have the option of giving up his citizenship. If he did so, he would be joining a growing number of Americans: Last year 2,999 people renounced their American citizenship or green card status, the largest number ever revealed by the U.S. government, and its thought that number may end up being higher this year. The United States recently increased the administrative fee for renouncing one’s citizenship from $450 to $2,350, in what is unlikely to be a coincidence.” 

There it is folks, whether you like it or not, these are the facts to the conflict and the remedy to resolve the conflict.  Claiming a Nationality within The United States of America is also an alternative.


Psyop in Ferguson adds up to Incitement!



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Hello Readers:

There have been multiple reports coming from individual reporters and investigators all over the country about the Ferguson incident now called a Psyop by many. A psyop is also known as “incitement” which is a very real crime. Incitement always leads to genocide 100% of the time in many countries. Here is a short report on the events leading up to genocide: Quote:

— William Rubinstein, Genocide: a history[88]
Stages of genocide, influences leading to genocide, and efforts to prevent it
for genocide to happen, there must be certain preconditions. Foremost among them is a national culture that does not place a high value on human life. A totalitarian society, with its assumed superior ideology, is also a precondition for genocidal acts.[89] In addition, members of the dominant society must perceive their potential victims as less than fully human: as “pagans,” “savages,” “uncouth barbarians,” “unbelievers,” “effete degenerates,” “ritual outlaws,” “racial inferiors,” “class antagonists,” “counterrevolutionaries,” and so on.[90] In themselves, these conditions are not enough for the perpetrators to commit genocide. To do that—that is, to commit genocide—the perpetrators need a strong, centralized authority and bureaucratic organization as well as pathological individuals and criminals. Also required is a campaign of vilification and dehumanization of the victims by the perpetrators, who are usually new states or new regimes attempting to impose conformity to a new ideology and its model of society.[89] end quote

Here are two videos that are pretty clear: Just give the first video two minutes and it gets real interesting because the individual is linked to the oath keepers organization which will explain why the oath keepers will not join with nor talk to the Human Rights Defenders nor the Human Rights Tribunal. The second video is just a minute long.



[embedplusvideo height=”400″ width=”450″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=XchwNKWe5aM&width=450&height=400&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep9858″ /]
Incitement is a serious human rights violation and can land people in jail for the rest of their lives or can lead to the death penalty depending on the extended crimes committed that are directly linked to the incitement.
There are a lot of people playing a lot of games with the minds of the people in America. Those people perpetrating these crimes are being found, identified, and documented as inciters of violence and chaos. One of the names being documented is the whole Green burg family. They along with Bill Ayers are at the top of the list.
This is a International Notice for the people involved in these psyop’s operations. The Human Rights Defenders are watching, documenting and recording all activities and all dots are being connected.  The psyop personnel cannot say they were not noticed of the crimes that they were committing and cannot claim “I was just following orders”. Those excuses were already used and it did not save the lives of the human rights violators.

Is Birth-Right Citizenship Nothing More than Child and Human Trafficking?


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Interesting question with plenty of support to answer the question with a “Yes”.  There are a few countries in the world that still offer this status called: “Birth Right Citizenship” including the U.S. city-state. However, the U.S. city-state has not made up its mind about citizenship because it keeps changing its rules on a monthly basis. 


1: Birth Right Citizenship, especially how it is enforced in the U.S. city state states would definitely be considered child trafficking. The reports sent to the Human Rights Defenders on a weekly basis about forced birth certificates and basically not letting the mother and father leave the hospital without a Birth Certificate is definitely Child Trafficking.

2: The child is considered a citizen when born, therefore, not under the authority of the child’s mother and father, but under the jurisdiction as a subject and legally responsible for the obligations of citizenship upon the child’s first breath. That is a transfer of a child from one legal venue to another without the consent or knowledge of the mother and father and therefore is child trafficking.

3: Most adults do not realize they have been trafficked from cradle to grave and therefore cannot understand why they feel like something is wrong and most cannot figure out why.

4: Human Trafficking is a horrible condition in the world, most have to pay to leave their captors. The U.S. charges 3500.00 USD or more to leave the Birth Right Citizenship legalized trap when the ransom use to be 350.00 USD.  There are even strict rules to follow to get out of the encampment called laws which is extremely bold to enforce. The boldness of enforcement hides the crime and gives the appearance of legitimacy. The crime has become so normal that the people committing the crime have no idea it is a crime to traffic children. Most hospitals are religious organizations and enforce this crime everyday and get paid for it.

5: No one has connected the dots of Birth Right Citizenship and Child and Human Trafficking until now.

Please feel free to leave a comment, anonymous is fine, and they will be posted if this article awakens a part of you that has been suppressed since you can remember.




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The Human Rights Tribunal heard a very disturbing case of elderly fleecing of assets by a very disturbing group of individuals connected all the way to UNDESA of the United Nations.

Most of the evidence is posted here: absent the private court proceedings video from 2010. The video files are too large to post on this site.

Apparently the evidence is pretty clear that there is a group of people going around the country looking for the elderly population that have large homes that are paid off and auctioning the homes to pay for guardian and foster care services.  All of the human rights violations are done by private membership associations. In this particular case, the attorney asking the questions in the court room and basically running the court is a member of the same association as the appointed guardian in the Carolyn Rousseau case.

The defense attorney is seen looking through a magazine and basically without any questions for anyone.  Take a look at the judgment and order and you can decide whether or not you have to think about protecting your mother and fathers assets before these people get a hold them.


Judgement and Order

THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST will keep our readers updated on the outcome of this particular case.