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The reign of the heavens society has been receiving some
odd questions.It is best to answer those questions on the
front page. The reign of the heavens society is a faith based society. The reign of the heavens society has been chartered as a faith based society which make the society a part of a 2000 year old country. The country profile is defined in the About section of the website.

There is no affiliation with the U.S. nor the United States,
at this time. This does not mean that the society is against
those Entities, it just means that there is no affiliation
with those entities.The society teaches the right of
self determination, Independence, self reliance and all
that is affiliated with those subjects.

As a member of the reign of the heavens society, an
International faith based Society, you will NOT be subjected to
any false teachings, patriot garbage theories,
false mortgage relief theories, nor false tax relief
theories. The society does not cover those subjects.

Further, there are NOT any huge payouts available from the
CAFR accounts through the society. There are NOT
any magic accounts through the birth certificates
through the society. If you are looking for that
kind of teaching, please move on to another website.

The society does not focus on the politics of
another government, rumors of another government,
nor has it been contacted by any politician in the
United States.

All members of the society and their information remain
autonomous nor is that information ever going to be
used against the Society member.

Warning: the reign of the heavens society is not a
safe haven for murderers, thieves nor pedophiles.

The reign of the heavens society is focused on families,
and will always strive to remain family friendly in
its content and the imparting of knowledge and will
warn fathers and mothers when the information is not
suitable for children.



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Introducing the current Continental Dollar!


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PROCLAMATION OF EXISTENCE within The United States of America.

 Publishers Affidavit


Introducing the current Continental Dollar and some new General Post Office stamps issued by the General Post Office.  Further, the new currency code and country code within the Charter of the American Continent.


Original CoinsCoinsUpdated Coins with more versions to come^541F1B224E46C1191C5CD7931E9B68F8FA153B5A741A568CC5^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrNew Stamps:

imgo (1)




Amended Country Code, currency code and symbol

Amended reservation and claim

Authorized use of the Continental Dollar

Authorized use of the Continental Dollar


The Government of The United States of America and the Human Rights Tribunal OBJECT TO THE EXISTENCE OF ACIJ!


Published by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST on 02-11-2015

 Publishers Affidavit



Arbitration Court
of International Justice (ACIJ)


To the Arbitration Court of International Justice (ACIJ),

The Government of The United States of America and the Human Rights Tribunal hereby object to the existence of ACIJ or any other variation of the name or any of its credentials, documents, proclamations, declarations or any other statements made by ACIJ, and

Further, ACIJ is hereby barred from entering into and within the metes and bounds of The United States of America, and

ACIJ Presentation   ACIJ Grants Prospectus

Further, the United Nations (UN) defines itself as:

“How does a new State or Government obtain recognition by the United Nations?

The recognition of a new State or Government is an act that only other States and Governments may grant or withhold. It generally implies readiness to assume diplomatic relations. The United Nations is neither a State nor a Government, and therefore does not possess any authority to recognize either a State or a Government. As an organization of independent States, it may admit a new State to its membership or accept the credentials of the representatives of a new Government.”  LINK

Therefore the following badge is notwithstanding in accordance with the United Nations own publications. Non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) do not have the authority to re-define the United Nations to fit the NGO’s illusions of global court dominance under Universal law. Further, “U.N. law” does not exist in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, and


Metes and Bounds of The United States of America:


Further, the Government of The United States of America hereby objects to ACIJ’s claim of jurisdiction through the Universal Postal Union manifesting itself as a Universal law through ACIJ and many of its organizations attached thereto, and

Further, the Universal Postal Union already manifests itself and its Federal Law, enforced by a religious organization and a private company formed in 1787 calling itself the United States of America and the United States owned and operated by the city of london, Vatican city-state and the city of Washington D.C.  The treaty power or authority is highly controversial due to the fact that it operates as a private company wherein private companies do not have the authority to treaty nor does a foreign post office have the authority to manifest itself through a private entity and lend government to it under the cover of a Trojan Horse enforcing its Federal Law, and

Evidence: Exhibit A     Exhibit B


Further, the Government of The United States of America notified the current day Universal Postal Union of the flaw in its founding document called the General Postal Union Treaty of 1874, and

Notification to the UPU with proof of service


Further, due to the fact that the Universal Postal Union (UPU) ignored the aforementioned Notification, The United States of America withdrew from the Universal Postal Union Treaty and the document was published and sent to the UPU, and 

UPU Treaty Withdrawal


Further, ACIJ is being implemented by an individual claiming foreign titles of nobility mainly “Prince” and also claims to be a judge and combines the titles as Prince Judge Matthew.  Matthew may be a prince and a judge, however, Matthew is without the right to establish a grass roots movement in America and claiming that the ACIJ is for the people. ACIJ is in clear violation of the Law of Nations and International law in its implementation.  Therefore, the Government of The United States of America hereby condemns the claims of ACIJ as defective and a bait and switch tactic to invade another country under false pretenses, and subject its people to a foreign prince, and 

Prince Judge Matthew


Further, the Minister of Foreign Affairs did speak with Matthew privately and these same concerns and objections were sent by email with a solution to the flaws and defects in the plans of Matthew and others within his Knights Templar. The result was the Human Rights Tribunal was blocked from the linkedin account of Prince Judge Matthew.  The hostility was not provoked, truth is not provocation, and 

Therefore, this International Public Notice is an objection within the international ninety-day limit as set by international protocols to the existence of ACIJ within the metes and bounds of The United States of America and is a cease and desist of ACIJ’s existence within the aforementioned metes and bounds and country, and   

This international Public Notice is issued by the Department of State of the Government of The United States of America and the International and National Human Rights Tribunal, and  


 Seal-Department of StateHRTI1







Public Notice from the Government of The United States of America


Seal-Department of State

Public Notice is as follows:

The National Government formed as the Government of The United States of America is a National Government for those that have claimed the Nationality called American National.  This claim is different from American national which is a title offered by the U.S.  The National Government has been receiving emails with some negative comments mainly from disgruntled U.S. citizens and those that have a vision of the country and how they think it is supposed to be operating. 

The Department of State refers these comments to the first statement of the Public Notice.

The U.S. citizens will be treated and have the same rights, privileges and immunities as the American Nationals if found doing business within The United States of America. Residents of States will also be treated the same way by the Government of The United States of America. Their human rights will not be violated in anyway.

The political views of U.S. citizens and residents of the States need to be pointed towards the U.S.  The National Government does not exist to save the world nor save the country. It exists to serve the needs of the American Nationals that have properly claimed their Nationality because those services did not exist in the United States of 1789 nor is the United States of 1789 obligated to render the particular services needed for Nationals of a country.

The National Government is not requiring people to join nor claim a Nationality, the offer is there if desired, however, anything this National Government does is for American Nationals and not citizens or subjects. Choice has been established and therefore Human Rights have been restored.

The National Government does not claim jurisdiction over any State, state nor city-state. This National Government is not obligated to any Union other than the charter of the American Continent which has nothing to do with U.S. citizens. The original Union was moved to the charter of the American Continent because the original states abandoned the original Union and therefore the National Government was not obligated to keep that Union together with the original parties.

While everyone else was trying to take over a private company, there were people working very hard, sometimes 16 hours per day to form a Government of, by and for the people. However, just like any organization, if you are not a member, your words have no standing and fall on deaf ears as far as any opinion as to how the Government is formed or how it operates or even if it exists or not. If you are not a party, then anything that the National Government does or does not do has no effect on non-parties thus is the reason for no standing. 

The National Government has established a Global Presence through the NAC Society, the reign of the heavens, and with many organizations and nations around the world, however, once again, that presence has nothing to do with U.S. citizens and their problems with the U.S. or global organizations.

The National Government is attempting to make the existence of American Nationals positive and can possibly assist organizations to solve many of their problems, however, the National Government is not obligated to help in anyway.  Any help or assistance is voluntary on the part of American Nationals. 

In the future, if any negative attacks or futile challenges to claims are directed towards the National Government or anyone of the American Nationals, those messages will be quickly placed in the delete file and not answered nor addressed in anyway. The National Government is full of positive thinkers that desire to make the world a better place to live for the next generation.  Freedom is taking responsibility for your actions, not complaining about the problems created by your task masters.


The Government of The United States of America is formally declared a National Government!



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Published on 01-18-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

 Publisher’s Affidavit

The International Community is hereby Noticed of the formal Declaration issued by the assembly for the Government of The United States of America.

The Declaration is clear as to the right to make the Declaration and to the particulars of the reason for the Declaration.

When The United States of America was amended on May 20th, 2012, it was formed into an independent Nation, however, its Government was not technically declared a National Government which did not technically exist until this Declaration, even though the intention was in existence at the time of amending the Articles of Confederation of 1781 on May 20th, 2012.  Words written on paper must match the intention of the writers, so therefore, this Declaration is hereby published.

A National Government now technically exists where it has never existed before in America.  A certified copy is available at the link below in PDF format.

Declaration of the Existence of a National Government


The Downfall of the Globalist Agenda


Published on 01-19-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

Dear Readers,

This is not an International or Public Notice. This is an article in a newspaper.

So let’s get started:

The Globalist agenda is and was a very simple concept. Break away from all laws of a country and you are free and have immunity from all laws.

We are not saying this makes sense, we are saying that it is an ideology. As the result of the ideology, the facts speak for themselves. One thing is very clear, the Globalists know the history of the United States better than its office holders do.  So confusion is very easy to create. The people believe that the United States is a nation or a country, when it is an actual society. That society can be formed into whatever the members of the society wish it to be, since its citizens vote for the societies leaders on a local level, the upper class of the society make the decisions for the society as a whole. The Globalists know this condition to be a fact, therefore, having the globalist agenda in mind, what better way to secure a world order then to define the U.S. citizens as global citizens. Further, give the people birth right citizenship which secures a population and forces global citizenship upon the society citizenry. The people love that idea because in their minds, they are guaranteed citizenship in a country or nation that in reality, does not exist.

If people will notice or pay attention to what is being said by its president, that president claims to be a global citizen. That claim appears to be a treasonous claim to the societies citizens. However, it would be a treasonous claim if the United States were a country or nation and not a society.  Societies do not have claims to metes and bounds like a country or nation would, they are mobile and expand and shrink in its existence. For those skeptics, take a look: http://www.globalcitizen.org/

and if that does not convince you hard core skeptics: http://www.morganstanley.com/

Look at the bar at the top where the entity known as Morgan Stanley is claiming to be a Global Citizen. Yes, Global Citizens are entities and not just individuals.

Now that the United States is a society of Global citizens, it is time for the Globalists to start their world domination plans. First you have to create a world emergency and war, however the war has to be perpetual. So, terrorism is a good place to start because terrorism deals with ideas,  religion and individuals. Now comes 2001, the world trade center. Now that there is a world war on terrorism in place, it is time to attack those people that believe in their countries and have allegiance to a particular country as being a part of a terrorist network of anti-government domestic terrorists, which fills the private detention centers to fund the globalist agenda. Then take over the medical services of a country and make the people sick with Geo-engineering which serves two purposes.  The people are too sick to fight for their country, and it also establishes a long term genocide plan to get rid of anyone that might figure out the globalist agenda and see the agenda for what it is, multiple Human Rights Violations which carries the death penalty. No matter who you are, no one is immune to human rights violations nor the penalties that go with the violations, especially  genocide.

The rest of the world figured out the agenda and realized that they were not included in the agenda and would be potential victims of the agenda. Russia, China and India formed the Brics Nations, the Edward Snowden story came out exposing intellectual property thefts, wiki leaks, Nuclear Explosion on the east coast of America, the people in America were being attacked on the internet for no reason other than for their political views, Geo-engineering is being exposed by the Air Force, and multiple stories came out about abuses that were staggering.

When the Globalists came out with the truth of the agenda, no one was going for it. Further, it became personal, because once the people that were involved with the Globalist agenda came out to reveal themselves, no one liked them personally. Their habits and appetites for small children sacrifice, molestation, trafficking, sex slaves, and other moral discrepancies, and many other nefarious acts are known to the rest of the world as being criminal and violence against children and the elderly. Now the United States Global Citizens (U.S. citizens) are known all over the world as Human Rights Violators and criminals, further, their word means nothing (liars) and no one listens to them.

The American Nationals did not want to be a part of the United States global society, especially with the society being operated and lead by world criminals, so the National Government was borne known as The United States of America. The country is in need of a National Government. It is the best solution to the problems facing the American Nationals and everyone else in America.

So now that you know some of the rest of the story, at least you can make an informed decision. More information will be available soon.




The Government of The United States of America says “Thank You” to the U.S. Secret Service!


Published on 01-11-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice
The Government of The United States of America (Government)would like to thank the U.S. Secret Service for bringing certain events taking place that the Government was not aware of until today. The individuals involved are cooperating with the Government and the Government will do its best to resolve the conflicts.

Public Notice: This group of people are not American Nationals nor have they been naturalized into the proper venue. John Kerry signed the wrong documents for the wrong people in the wrong venue and therefore the documents are considered null and void.  The Government of The United States of America has not solicited any documents from the U.S. Department of State for authentication.  If there are any documents from the Government of The United States of America, they will be in the form of a Peace Treaty and trade agreement with the British Government and the French Government. The documents signed by John Kerry mix the rural free delivery routes and the Streets in clear violation of USPS policy and General Post Office Law. A reciprocity agreement with the U. S. and the Government of The United States of America will also be considered in an effort to cure some Human Rights Violations.





U.S. Military is receiving an offer and proposal from the Government of The United States of America!



Hello Readers,

The following document is for the members of the U.S. Military former and current. It is an offer to make a choice with all of the evidence needed to make an informed choice as to their future, the future of the country and the future of our children. It is in our prayers that they make the right decision. 

Presentation and proposal to U.S. Military

Benjamin Franklin-Ledger



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Hello Readers:

The Human Rights Tribunal has issued a judgment and order against the private detention center system for multiple human rights violations. The private detention center system has been connected to the Globalist agenda to start race riots in the spring and summer of 2015 to help fill the private detention centers. That is what all of the hype is about and no one saw it coming. The document is available in pdf format for anyone that desires to know the real story and the people involved in taking your freedom and rights away. Many people that read this document will be talking about it for the next six months. There is also the buying and selling of human beings going on right under the noses of the people. Please share with as many people as possible.


Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio case against Obama thrown out for lack of legal standing!

Source: https://ca.news.yahoo.com/u-judge-throws-arizona-sheriffs-immigration-suit-against-030104270.html

Hello Readers,

If we have said it once, we have said it a thousand times, if there are no State Citizens in the State of Arizona, then there is no legal standing to bring suit against the District of Columbia for overstepping its boundaries. Not even a Sheriff can bring suit because Joe Arpaio was never a State Citizen before he became Sheriff. Further, it is very difficult to sue the president of a private company when the Sheriff’s Office is a part of that private Company: Dunn and Bradstreet: MARICOPA, COUNTY OF  Also Traded as SHERIFF`S OFFICE, MARICOPA COUNTY and about 4 other entities are also on the same website from Maricopa County.

Jurisdiction of the Human Rights Tribunal

The Human Rights Tribunal has a very defined jurisdiction. The geographical boundaries and seaward boundaries of The United States of America. The reason for the term international is because each of the original States are independent countries in one Union. Therefore, the Human Rights Tribunal has to be in the international category to serve its purpose. Of course, the way people think that are trying to take over the world, when something says “international” in the name, they think competition and automatic threat against their ambitions. The Human Rights Tribunal does not have jurisdiction in England, France, Germany, Iraq, Iran, or anywhere else other than The United States of America, and very limited advisory jurisdiction in Canada through the original Articles of Confederation.

Release of Jurisdiction of the Human Rights Tribunal

The Human Rights Tribunal loses jurisdiction when there are qualified State Citizens in any particular State, also known as one of the United States, not within the United States.

Those State Citizens can be low in numbers, they have to have particular bodies in place in order to qualify and it takes work. Relying on Birth Right Citizenship is killing the whole country because of complacency.  So the people have to get back to work running their country. The United States of America can help, the churches can help, it takes people that are willing to learn and follow the rules.

The people really need to get rid of this vision in their heads that the U.S. constitution is a document created to restrict the “federal government” from infringing on the rights of the people. The vision has no basis in reality due to many facts. The vision clouds intelligent decisions from being made by people that could otherwise make a difference for the next generation.

Please contact the Governor of The United States of America: governor@generalpostoffice.international   for more information

The Charter of the American Continent is ready!


Hello Everyone,

The Charter of the American Continent is ready for ratification.

Charter of the American Continent

This is an example ratification document.

Example Ratification Document

Publisher’s Affidavit

The organization is also open to societies and other international organizations besides the States, Nations and countries. This Charter is where the original Union was moved under the original Confederacy of 1781. The private company formed in 1787 literally started a new union, so no issues there.

Private Company Business Report of the United States of America of 1787

There are not any tricks or traps in the Charter of the American Continent. The Permanent Council does not have any dictatorial powers over the organization. All members have veto powers. The assembly of the American Continent runs everything and has the final word by 2/3rd majority vote. Nothing in the organization dictates that the people of each country is subject to any resolutions passed by the organization. The main purpose of the organization is to uphold the human rights of the people in each nation, State, country, organization or society. Each membership receives a free NAC Global Postal Code to separate its membership from any other membership in any other organization. The NAC Global Postal Code does not change the already established addresses of the organization under any other agreement. Human Rights Tribunals can be formed of, by and for the people to separate the jurisdiction of the corporate courts and “courts of common law called Human Rights Tribunals”. The American Continent is a central hub for the Human Rights Tribunals to publish their judgments and orders and each government is obligated to follow and carry out the orders under the terms of the charter. This was the vision of the 2nd continental congress of The United States of America. Let the people start guiding their States, Nations and Countries back to honor.  We definitely invite all Indian nations to join although they have no reason to trust anyone, we invite them anyways. The whole structure is grounded in bottom up rule, upholding the rule of law, and the human rights of the people. If your organization qualifies as a society and does not qualify as an international organization, that is O.K. Ratifying the Charter of the American Continent qualifies your society as an international organization. It is free to join. All information is in the example ratification document. If your organization is not happy with the American Continent organization, all organizations, nations, states, or countries are free to leave at anytime.


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